Bruker Live Web Training: AFM Imaging in Liquids, 18/05/16

Live Bruker AFM Web Training:
High-Resolution Molecular Imaging using PeakForce Tapping in Liquids

Join Bruker for a live online training session about AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) imaging in liquids. The remote session will be held on Wednesday 18th May at 10am (CT timezone), from Bruker’s labs in Karlsruhe.

The live web training will cover setting up parameters for high-resolution molecular imaging using PeakForce Tapping mode in liquids, and best practice for high quality, repeatable imaging.

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AFM imaging in liquids

AFM image of calcite in fluid, taken using the Dimension FastScan

AFM Imaging in Liquids

AFM is a powerful technique for visualising individual biomolecules in their native state. Bruker’s PeakForce Tapping mode makes it easy to image liquids at high resolution.

PeakForce Tapping

PeakForce Tapping makes it possible to image a whole new range of samples with AFM, with unprecedented resolution, as well as enabling simultaneous nanoscale property mapping. By controlling probe-to-sample interaction precisely, it ensures the lowest possible imaging force is used. The mode is suitable for a wide range of samples, including soft biological samples and liquids.

Online Training Session

The live training session will briefly highlight the most important parameters for accurate imaging in fluids using PeakForce Tapping. This will be followed by a live experimental session, to demonstrate the best practices for imaging molecular samples in liquid at high resolution.


The live training session will be held on Wednesday 18th May at 10am (CT timezone).

Register for the online training on Bruker’s website. The session is free and all are welcome to attend. Once registered, you will be sent a link to the web training.

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