Metal Analysis with Total Materia and Bruker ELEMENTAL.SUITE

Total Materia is the most comprehensive metals database, with a wealth of information about international standards, grades and properties of >540,000 materials from 63 countries, as well as >350,000 metal alloys. It’s fully integrated into Bruker’s OES software for PMI, grading and advanced metals analysis.

Find out more in a webinar on 25th February 2021 presented by Bruker and Key to Metals AG. More details…

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More about metals analysis with OES

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Challenges in Metals Classification

Metals classification can be problematic because standards from organisations around the world are not always consistent. Industrial associations such as SAE International in the automotive industry have their own standard alloy numbering systems. In addition to these issues, secondary metals are being used more and more in the production of new metals.

Total Materia Metals Database

Total Materia is a metals software database that can help make this easier. It incorporates information from 74 standard development organisations, hundreds of producers and other sources for a wealth of knowledge about metals properties, with cross-referencing. It’s the most comprehensive metals database in the world, powered with a fast search engine.

Together with a spark-OES metals analyser, Total Materia is ideal for:

  • Scrap sorting
  • Positive material identification
  • Grade determination
  • Checking if materials are within specification
  • …and more advanced challenges!

The database includes >540,000 materials from 63 countries/norms and >350,000 metal alloys, with international cross-referencing and a patented SmartComp search algorithm for identifying similar materials. Useful information is included about chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties, material suppliers and heat treatment diagrams.

Total Materia Metals Database
Access worldwide information with Total Materia.

Integrated into Bruker’s ELEMENTAL.SUITE Software

Total Materia is fully integrated into Bruker’s ELEMENTAL.SUITE software for their OES metals analysis systems.

ELEMENTAL.SUITE includes guided workflows that make it easy for everyone to perform tasks such as standardisation and type standardisation.

Data mining is easy with Analysis Viewer; you can query the database and customise views, with powerful grouping and filtering options. With a single click you can generate reports and display histories of charts and queries to Total Materia.

  • Automatic Method Finding (AMF) in routine operation.
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) and sorting with pass/fail mode.
  • Integrated data mining and customisable reports with Analysis Viewer.
  • Advanced features including Regression Plug-in, Single Spark viewer, QC relevant history chart for control samples and standardisation.
  • Export data to remote SQL-databases, CSV, txt and LIMS.
  • Fully integrated Total Materia database (optional), and customisable alloy grades.
  • Metal Cleanliness Inspection option for investigating steel cleanliness, oxygen level, inclusions size, distribution and composition. In combination with the standard bulk analysis, information is provided within seconds.
  • Touchscreen or desktop operation with variable font size.
  • Multi-language capabilities.
Bruker Analysis Viewer
Filtering options in Analysis Viewer.

Webinar – 25th February 2021

Find out more about Total Materia in a 1 hour webinar jointly hosted by Bruker and Key to Metals AG on Thursday 25th February 2021 at 10am CET or 2pm CET.

There’ll be demonstrations of basic functions within the software, and more advanced tasks including:

  • Finding equivalents to foreign materials and comparing alternatives side by side.
  • Searching the worldwide database by specific chemical composition or mechanical properties.
  • Deciphering material specifications and finding the correct grade for a specific application.

Register for the webinar on Bruker’s website. There are two sessions, at 10am CET and 2pm CET so you can attend at a convenient time.

More Information

Blue Scientific is the official distributor of Bruker OES systems in the Nordic region. We’re available to answer all your questions – just get in touch:

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 More about metals analysis with OES

OES Metals Analysis Report
Customisable reports (click to enlarge).