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How Modern Spectroscopy is Revolutionising Chemical Analysis

In recent years, modern spectroscopy has emerged as a cornerstone in chemical analysis, transforming how scientists understand and interact with matter. As a market-leading distributor of scientific laboratory instruments, BlueScientific is proud to be part of this innovative wave, offering cutting-edge spectroscopic instruments to laboratories worldwide. Understanding Modern Spectroscopy in Chemical Analysis Modern spectroscopy stands […]

Nansocale IR system

New Bruker Dimension IconIR Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy Platform

The new Bruker Dimension IconIR is a large-sample nanoscale infrared spectroscopy and chemical imaging system. It sets new standards in chemical and material property mapping with sub-10nm chemical imaging resolution.

O-PTIR in Life Science

O-PTIR in Life Science Workshop Videos

Watch videos of the talks from our online workshop “O-PTIR in Life Science”.

Bruker Anasys nanoIR3-s Broadband

New Bruker nanoIR3-s Broadband Nanoscale IR and SNOM/AFM Microscopy System

The Bruker nanoIR3-s Broadband is the most advanced s-SNOM based nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy system available, with the broadest spectral range, high resolution nanochemical and nano-optical imaging capabilities.