Optical Surface Profilometry Workshop, Sweden

Bruker Optical Surface Profilometry Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop showcasing the Bruker Contour Elite 3D Optical Surface Profiler. Learn about surface imaging and metrology, and the benefits of optical microscopy. The technique is suitable for a wide range of samples – bring your own samples and try it out for yourself!

There will be two workshops, both with the same programme:

  • Monday 18th April 2016 at Uppsala University in Sweden
  • Wednesday 20th April 2016 at KTH Stockholm in Sweden

 View optical surface profilers

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10:30 Introduction to the Bruker Contour Elite Optical Profiler
11:30 Sample measurements
12:30 Break
13:30 Sample measurements
17:00 Close



There is no charge to attend – simply register online to book your place:

  • Monday 18th April, Uppsala University
  • Wednesday 20th April, KTH Stockholm

Optical Surface Profilometry – Bring your own Samples!

Bruker Contour GT-K optical surface profilerBring your own samples to test on the Bruker Contour Elite GT-K. The workshop will include practical sessions, giving you hands-on experience with the optical surface profiler.

The Contour Elite GT-K is a surface profiler from Bruker, for imaging and metrology of a wide range of surfaces. The system includes an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses, making it easy to measure LEDs, solar cells, thick films, semiconductors, ophthalmic and medical devices and MEMS, as well as other tribology applications. With unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy, the Contour GT-K delivers all the benefits of white light interferometry, without the deficiencies of conventional confocal and standard digital microscopes.


Monday 18th April 2016

University of Uppsala

Wednesday 20th April 2016

AlbaNova University Center
Stockholm Center for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology

 View optical surface profilers

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com

Surface Metrology of a USB

Quantitative measurement of USB, using the Bruker Contour GT-K.