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Bruker D6 PHASER
Bruker AXS

The world’s first benchtop platform for X-ray powder diffraction in both reflection and transmission configurations, thin film analysis using grazing incidence diffraction and reflectometry, as well as stress and texture analysis of bulk samples.



High-precision mechanical mounting interfaces with the ability to adaps to a multitude of measurement types beyond basic powder diffraction.


The most powerful system on the market as offer up to 1200 w


3 generators and detectors, 6 stages, 8 applications giving endless opportunities


Dynamic Beam Optimisation (DBO) for best intensity and better 0.01° guaranteed accuracy of peak positions, even with stage exchange



Planning a Configuration

Users begin by setting up the necessary components for their measurements through DaVinci, a graphical depiction of the instrument. Our software provides explicit instructions and assistance in configuring the instrument arrangement.

Method Planning with WIZARD

The WIZARD tool allows the planning of method files for measurements. Providing step-by-step guidance through interactive templates, enabling users to define various measurements.

Measurement Execution with COMMANDER

Offering multiple ways to execute measurement with immediate results allowing for direct control over the instrument, including generator power, configured axes, and scan conditions.

Storage and Analysis

Measuremetns are stored and efficiently organised on a result database and provides automated analysis routines.

Access and Control

Together DIFFRAC.SUITE and analysis applications offer enhanced control access through a user database increasing security.


  • Guaranteed Accuracy
    <0.01°   deviation over entire scan range on included conrundum standard
  • Superior Resolution
    FWHM <O.03° 2Ø on NIST 640e
  • Lowest, smoothest backgroun
    Start measurements at 0.5°  with virtually no background
  • Energy resolution <380 eV
    4 x better than any other 1D detector available
  • High-speed data acquisition
    Up to 450 times faster than a conventional point detector system
  • Filters Bremsstrahlung and fluorescence radiation
    No need for Kß, mirrors, or monochromators
  • Perfect line profile shapes
    No Kß filter artifacts (remnant kß, absorption edges)
  • Outstanding peak-to-background ratio
    Best lower limites of detection (LLOF) and quantification (LLOQ)
  • Quality by design
    Radiation hard – operation with all common characteristics X-ray emission lines
    Guaranteed no defective channels at delivery

Example Applications


  • Monitor occupational exposure to respirable silica dust
  • Quantitative phase analysis of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Clinkers

Minerals and Mining 

  • Geolosists and mining prospectors – locate and analyse deposits
  • Phase identification and analyisis of geological materials
  • Silica dust analysis, for occupational health

Material Properties 

  • Study crystal structures, nano-structures and micro-strutures

Oil and Gas

  • Identify bulk and clay minerals in geological in the petrochemical industry
  • Qualitive and quantitative mineralogical characterisation Analyse shale rock formations and drill cuttings


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