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The D8 ENDEAVOR is an advanced XRD (X-Ray Powder Diffraction) system for powder applications. It’s easy to use and fast, with low detection limits.

  • – Dynamic Beam Optimisation – no manual reconfiguration required.
  • – LYNXEYE XE-T detector – highest data quality and lowest quantification limits.
  • – Easy-to-use touchscreen.
  • – ECO version – 1 kW for low running costs and no cooling water.
  • – Harsh environment, high altitude option.


Automation options

Designed for industrial use.

Easy to use

Touchscreen operation.

Tailored versions available

Optimised for specific industries.

High throughput

Fast sample turnaround.



The D8 ENDEAVOUR is ideal for multi-user operation in industry, academia and research. An automated sample preparation system is available for industrial process and quality control. Samples are fed via a conveyor belt or robot.

Turn-key versions of the D8 ENDEAVOR are available for industrial use:

  • Specific instrument configurations.
  • Optimised data acquisition and evaluation packages.
  • Industry specific applications training and support.

Sample Types

A wide range of sample sizes and types can be handled simultaneously:

  • Fine grained powder can be analysed in sample holders of various diameters and depths.
  • Small quantities of powder are presented on background-free holders.
  • Specialist holders are available for filters, clays, solids and environmentally sensitive samples.


Combined with TOPAS Rietveld analysis, XRD is a powerful technique for quantitative phase analysis of hotmeal, bypass, kiln dust, clinker and cement.

Perform direct phase analysis throughout the entire production process, from raw materials, intermediate products like hotmeal and dusts to clinker and the final cement.

Distinguish the Alite polymorphs M1 & M3 and quantify amorphous phases by the proprietary PONKCS method.


Direct mineral identification and quantification – analyse complex geological materials.

Use cluster analysis techniques to process large amounts of data quickly and automatically. Find similarities and generate exploration mappings.


Process and quality control in steel production.

Calculate FeO quantities in raw materials directly from the stoichiometry and mineral concentration. This is vital in controlling greenhouse gas emissions from iron plants. With XRD you can determine values rapidly, as a fast alternative to titration.


XRD is used to control aluminum production. The D8 ENDEAVOUR is suitable for harsh environments such as smelters.

With high sample throughput and fast turnaround, you can analyse hundreds of smelter cells.


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