SAXS provides information on particle size, shape, composition, volume fraction and even interparticle correlations of precipitations in alloys, nano-crystals and nano-powders.

SAXS with the Bruker NANOSTAR…

Bruker Q4 POLO

Compact Industrial Metals Analysis with Spark-OES

The new Bruker Q4 POLO is a compact, benchtop analyser for the metals industry. Spark-OES is an ultra-fast method that measures all relevant elements simultaneously, for iron and steel processing, aluminium, copper and alloys.

Bruker Q2 ION

Ultra-Compact, Lightweight Spark-OES

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the metals industry, the Bruker Q2 ION is the smallest, lightest spark-OES available. It has a dedicated PMI workflow for incoming material testing and quality control, as well as standard analytical mode.


High-End OES for Virtually Any Metal

The Bruker Q8 MAGELLAN is an Optical Emission Spectrometer for primary metal processing and quality control. It can be configured to handle virtually any metal analysis task, with >200 analytical channels for single or multi-base applications, measuring impurities, inclusions, trace analysis, alloys and more.

Precious Metals

Analyse pure gold containing traces of other metals: