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Bruker Micro-XRF

The Bruker M1 MISTRAL is a compact, tabletop micro-XRF analyser for bulk materials, layers and coatings. Analyse a wide range of materials including metals, alloys and multi-layer systems, in electronics, jewellery, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), automotives and more.


Flexible sample sizes

Up to 100 x 100 x 100 mm

Wide range of elements

From Z = 22 (titanium) and higher

Sensitive detection

Detection limits down to 0.01%


Fast and easy to use


Samples are simply placed directly on the sample stage, with no preparation necessary. The contactless measurement is taken from above, so irregular shapes, such as finely wrought jewellery and materials of varying thickness can all be analysed easily.

Example Applications

ROHS Compliance Testing

Determination of RoHS Compliance

The high performance version of the M1 MISTRAL can also detect trace elements in light matrices according to RoHS requirements. This enables direct control of hazardous element concentrations in electric and electronic devices.

Coating Analysis by Micro-XRF

Characterisation of Coatings

X-ray fluorescence technology can analyse thin coatings, eg on PCBs, metals or plastics, including both single and multi-layer coatings. Layer thickness and composition are calculated simultaneously, using a standardless fundamental-parameter based method.

Gold purity analysis

Jewellery and Alloy Analysis

The M1 MISTRAL is ideal for the analysis of jewellery, coins and precious metal alloys. The exact composition of jewellery alloys, platinum group metals or silver can be determined in a fraction of a minute. Results can be output either in weight% or Karat. Accuracy is better than 0.2 wt% for main element content in the range of 40 – 100 %.

 Lab report – Analysis of pure gold containing traces of other metals


Media Gallery

Practical RoHS Compliance Screening with Micro-XRF

An overview of how micro-XRF can help ensure regulatory compliance and how the level of sample preparation impacts data quality and measurement precision.

Recorded webinar

Coating Analysis for Electroless Ni Plating and Bath Analysis

How the Bruker M1 MISTRAL micro-XRF overcomes the limitations of alternative techniques to extend coating analysis performance to the light element range for industrial usage.

Recorded webinar


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