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Bruker Q4 POLO
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The Bruker Q4 POLO is a compact, benchtop spark-OES for the metals industry. With superior analytical performance for a full range of elements, it opens up new metals analysis applications not previously possible with a system of this size.


Best-in-class performance

Perform analyses not previously possible on a compact instrument.

Low cost of ownership

Designed for maximum up-time and long term stability.

Outstanding precision

Particularly on light elements.

Range of elements and concentrations

From Li to Bi.


The Bruker Q4 POLO spark spectrometer delivers superior analytical performance for a full range of elements, with outstanding precision, especially for light elements. It also tackles tasks that benchtop analysers are not typically capable of:

  • Cast iron analysis.
  • Nitrogen at low ppm levels in low alloyed steel.
  • Oxygen in copper.

Long Term Stability

Achieve stable results continuously without cleaning or re-calibration, thanks to the absence of thermal- and contamination-based drifts.


  • MultiVision™ optics with electromagnetic light junction – Covers the full elemental range with outstanding performance and small footprint.
  • AAC™ and ArgonShield™ – For long term stability without increased argon gas consumption.
  • New active sensing SmartSpark™ source – Fully digital, equipped with non-energetic discharge detection for increased precision and long-term stability.
  • ELEMENTAL.SUITE software – Easy to use, providing the information and functionality you need.

Why Spark-OES?

OES is extremely fast for straightforward analysis of solid metals. Elements are measured simultaneously to save time.

The Q4 POLO is the ready to go straight away, for  all relevant elements and a wide range of concentrations. Base metal packages are available with specific alloy groups, calibrations and standardisation samples. The Q4 POLO is low maintenance and hassle-free.

  • Iron and steel – Analyse incoming and outgoing materials in steel processing over a wide variety of alloys, including N at trace level.
  • Aluminum – Phosophorous and alkali content in aluminum.
  • Copper – Analyse all copper alloys, as well as oxygen determination.


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Live Q&A Session

Join Bruker on Thursday 14th October 2021 for a live discussion celebrating the launch of the Q4 POLO, with opportunities to ask questions with Bruker’s product and applications specialists.



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