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Bruker S2 KODIAK
Bruker AXS

The Bruker S2 KODIAK is a rugged XRF spectrometer for online/inline process control. Perform elemental analysis and layer thickness measurement, particularly mining and coatings. Ensure your products are manufactured cost-efficiently and to the required quality, with real-time process monitoring.

The S2 KODIAK works autonomously and maintenance-free 24/7, delivering immediate results. It’s easy to integrate into your plant control, either online or inline.


Online / inline analysis

In real time.

24/7 operation

With uptimes of 98% or higher.

Safe and reliable

Remote-controlled and encapsulated, with no radioactive source.

Fine materials or larger lumps

Configure to suit your material.


Multi-Element Analysis

Analyse element concentration, layer thickness and area density of single and multi-layer coatings on metallic, non-metallic, and polymeric substrates simultaneously, online, and in real-time. Results are sent to the plant control software, so you stay in control of your processes 24/7.


The S2 KODIAK operates autonomously 24/7, with uptimes of >98%.

  • Encapsulated, rugged design and stainless steel casing with an enclosure protection class up to IP69k
  • Operates at temperatures from -25 – 60° C
  • Integrated UPS
  • Empty belt detection
  • Automatic self-alignment
  • Pass/fail function
  • Sample distance compensation

X-Ray Safety

Conventional systems use prompt gamma neutron activation analysers (PGNAA) and require extensive radiation shielding and strict safety regulations. With the S2 KODIAK, X-rays are emitted only during operation. Simple shielding and a reliable safety circuit ensure the high levels of safety level at all times. This also makes it easier to integrate into your plant.

Base Metal Ore Mining

The S2 KODIAK is ideal for online process control in mining, including hydro- and pyro-metallurgical processes. Measure the exact composition of materials 24/7, to increase output and improve separation efficiency.

At the blending stage, real-time monitoring ensures consistent concentrate composition for later refining steps.

Major and minor elements are analysed at the same time, supplying data about hazardous trace elements, such as As or Pb. This allows you to exclude low-quality material from further processing.

The S2 KODIAK is also suitable for base metal ores, including iron, nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, tungsten.

Mineralogy, Glass Manufacturing and Sand

In glass manufacturing, low iron concentration is important. The demand for SiO2 with Fe concentration less than 50 ppm causes shortages in some sand quarries. The S2 KODIAK can be used to measure iron concentration even during dredging. Immediate sorting increases the output of sand with greater purity. Even wet sand streams can be monitored with humidity compensation.

Analyse beach sand, mineral sands, zirconite, rutile and other minerals quickly during mining and cleaning steps.

Lumps and Fine Materials

The S2 KODIAK has three different configurations, with geometry for measuring fine material fractions or larger lumps up to 30 cm.

Analysing rock fractions before milling and sorting increases throughput and optimizes the milling process. Unnecessary over-grinding of iron ores can be avoided, increasing efficiency.


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