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Bruker G4 ICARUS Series 2
Bruker AXS

The Bruker G4 ICARUS Series 2 is a combustion analyser for determining carbon and sulphur in metals, alloys, ores, cement, minerals, ceramics and more.

Combustion analysis is fast and accurate, with minimal sample preparation, for light elements which are difficult or impossible to measure by spectroscopic methods. You can even measure unevenly distributed elements such as carbon in grey cast iron with graphite clusters, because results are obtained from the entire sample.


Fast, accurate results

In less than a minute

Analyses the whole sample

Ideal for unevenly distributed elements

Minimal sample preparation

Reliable in harsh conditions

Integrated cleaning system



10 times better signal to noise ratio

UV-absorption is much more efficient than IR absorption, HighSense SO₂ detection delivers 10 times better S/N ratio, 5 decades of linear dynamic range with umost stability not affected by temperature variations.


Bruker’s patented combustion zone design uses a gas extraction nozzle, which ensures an optimal supply of oxygen to the sample. Liberated gases and dust particles are purged instantly.

Automatic Cleaning

A fully automatic cleaning system with brush-free dust removal cleans the inline dust filter and the gas extraction nozzle simultaneously. Dust is transferred into the crucible for disposal.

Detector Technology

UV-absorption is much more efficient than IR absorption, providing a 10 times better signal to noise ratio. Benefit from 5 decades of linear dynamic range with excellent stability that’s unaffected by variations in temperature.
The SO₂ detector delivers outstanding performance, with low detection limits and an ultra-wide linear dynamic range. All Bruker detectors operate without any moving parts and have integrated reference beam channels, which eliminates drift for the most stable baseline and calibration.


  • Iron, steel, cobalt and nickel – Measure carbon and sulphur for optimal production. Analyse final metals and ingredients such as ferroalloys and raw materials up to slag.
  • Cast iron – Volumetric analysis delivers accurate results even for grey cast iron with unevenly distributed carbon in graphite flakes. You can also analyse mold powder and fluxes.
  • Case hardening – In parts manufacturing and heat treatment/hardening shops, control carbon potential during the carburisation process.
  • Metal processing – Precise analysis for all metal processing tasks in aviation, space, automotives, biomedical, electronics and other industries. Analyse stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium and special metal compositions.
  • Cement – Fast, accurate analysis of elemental and phase composition. Control limestone and gypsum/anhydrite addition in cement by measuring carbon and sulphur.
  • Limestone, lime and dolomite – Measure carbon and sulphur in construction materials, aggregates, fluxing agents, acid neutralising agents and more.
  • Ores and minerals – Estimate metal-in-concentrate to determine the value of minerals and metal bearing ores, and determine the efficiency of concentration processes in quality control. Carbon and sulphur measurement can also be used to optimise mine operation and mineral beneficiation in the mining lab.
  • Glass and ceramics – Analyse carbon and sulphur in raw materials, intermediates and final products in industry refractory materials, high performance ceramics in electronics and metal cutting, refractory oxides and more.


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