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GIF Continuum

Gatan’s Continuum series is the next generation of EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) and EFTEM (Energy-Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy) systems.

It’s simplified and easier to use, while still being powerful and flexible. With new, exclusive detector technology for outstanding detector speed and data quality in EELS and EFTEM, you can achieve from new levels of productivity and throughput.


Outstanding data quality

Fast system

For enhanced productivity.

Advanced, emerging techniques

Enable the latest techniques eg energy-filtered 4D STEM, in-situ EELS and EFTEM and momentum-resolved EELS (optional).


>10x Greater Productivity

  • 8000 spectra per second at >95% duty cycle
  • 10x faster system tuning
  • Streamlined interface organised by workflow

High Quality Data

  • Low-noise, high dynamic range CMOS detector
  • Improved MTF (modulation transfer function) and DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) with new XCR sensor stack technology
  • Full gain correction in all acquisition modes
  • Exclusive dynamic focus control
  • Combine with the K3 electron-counting direct detector for the best results

10x Higher Throughput

  • High spectral rate at near 100% duty cycle
  • Fast system tuning
  • Streamlined workflows

GIF Continuum K3 System

Combine with the K3 high speed direct detection camera with counting mode:

  • Extended energy range with no loss of resolution
  • Resolve structures with high fidelity at low intensities
  • Capture high-speed in-situ events (optional)

Continuum IS

The GIF Continuum IS has a range of features for acquiring in-situ EELS and EFTEM data:

  • Capture in-situ “videos” with real data in multiple modes:
    • EFTEM
    • EELS
    • STEM
    • Spectrum images
    • … and more
  • Correlate stimulus to data in real time
  • Single platform with multiple uses

 More about the K3 IS in-situ camera


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