Energy-Filtered 4D STEM with the Gatan GIF Continuum K3 (incorporating Stela)

Perform energy-filtered 4D STEM with the DECTRIS-powered Gatan Stela hybrid-pixel camera, which is now fully integrated into the GIF Continuum K3.

The new low-voltage capability enables electron counting on EELS, EFTEM and energy-filtered 4D STEM over the entire 30 – 300 kV voltage range.

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Energy-Filtered 4D STEM

The GIF Continuum K3 is now available with a fully integrated Stela hybrid-pixel camera, powered by DECTRIS. This expands the operating range of the GIF Continuum K3 system to low-voltage.

This opens up new possibilities:

  • Electron counting for:
    • EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy).
    • EFTEM (Energy-Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy).
    • Energy-filtered 4D STEM.
  • Covers the entire 30 – 300 kV voltage range.
Gatan Continuum K3 Stela

Combining K3 and Stela

The Gatan Continuum K3 uses a large format active-pixel sensor optimised for 200 – 300 kV microscopes for low-dose EELS and EFTEM.

Adding the Stela large-pixel DECTRIS detector, designed for lower voltage operation, now extends these studies down to 30 kV.

In addition to this, Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph software unifies data acquisition and analysis from both cameras in a single platform.

The new, fully-integrated solution is the first truly optimised 30 – 300 kV electron-counting energy filter for advanced EELS, EFTEM and energy-filtered, 4D STEM diffraction studies.

This solution is a result of the synergy between Gatan and DECTRIS: our best-in-class direct electron detectors harmoniously integrated into Gatan’s excellent system allow for even more efficient use of low energies in materials science research. We are excited to witness how this high-performance combination advances energy-filtered techniques.
Dr. Christian Broennimann - Chief Executive Officer, DECTRIS
The addition of the DECTRIS-powered Stela detector will expand the operating range of our flagship GIF Continuum K3 system to low-voltage, electron counted EELS and EFTEM. Being more than the sum of its parts, the seamless integration of the Stela on a GIF Continuum K3 results in a single system that is both powerful and easy to use over the full energy range of today’s S/TEMs.
Narayan Vishwanathan - Vice President and Business Unit Manager, Gatan

Low Voltage Electron Counting

The new system extends counted EELS and EFTEM below 80 kV – optimal for energy-filtered diffraction, micro-ED and 4D STEM. You can now capture weak and intense reflections with the highest dynamic range.


Covering the entire energy range of today’s electron microscopes, the new system brings new possibilities for research in a range of areas including:

  • Advanced catalyst design
  • Semiconductor device R&D
  • High-performance alloy characterisation

Fast data collection is essential for successful experiments. This collaboration between Gatan and DECTRIS gives you rapid acquisition together with robust, easy-to-use software in a single package for researchers at all levels.


Download the pdf datasheet from Gatan:

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