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Ilion II

The Gatan Ilion II is a broad beam argon milling system. Produce cross sections and planar polish samples for SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), EBSD, cathodoluminescence and analytical techniques where the signal is generated near the surface.


Get better results

From techniques where the signal is generated near the surface.

Damage-free surfaces

With low energy milling

Observe polishing processes

In real time.

Repeatable results

With easy-to-use recipes.


  • Low energy milling to reduce surface damage
  • Digital zoom microscope  for monitoring polishing in real time
  • Review and analyse images from the microscope
  • Easy touchscreen control

Variety of Materials

Suitable for polishing a wide range of materials, including samples consisting of multiple elements and alloys with a range of mechanical hardness, size and physical characteristics.

Temperature-Sensitive Samples

With Gatan’s WhisperLok technology, you can load and unload without venting the chamber. An optional temperature controlled liquid nitrogen cooling stage is available to protect temperature-sensitive samples.


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