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Bruker AXS

The Bruker Q8 MAGELLAN is a high-end OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) for primary metal processing and quality control. It can be configured to handle virtually any metal analysis task, with >200 analytical channels for single or multi-base applications, measuring impurities, inclusions, trace analysis, alloys and more.


High-end system

100% PMT-based (Photomultiplier tube) performance


For all metals and non-metallic inclusions

Fully automated

Single button operation

Low running costs

No argon consumption during breaks

True factory calibration

With reference materials for accuracy


Fully Automated

The Q8 MAGELLAN online metals analyser is ready for integration in to form a fully automated analysis system. This can be tailored to your individual process analysis needs for steels, cast iron, aluminum and copper.


  • Iron and Steel Alloys – Reliable, precise, accurate results to optimise production and fabrication. The Q8 MAGELLAN can also analyse impurities.
  • Inclusion Analysis in Steel – Analyse non-metallic inclusions (eg oxides, sulphides) for cleaner, higher quality steels. A dedicated Metal Cleanliness Inspection package is available for measuring vital quality indicators.
  • High Purity Copper – With superior PMT detectors and a high-vacuum optical system, a dedicated configuration for copper can measure impurities down to sub-ppm level, with extremely low detection limits.
  • Non-Ferrous Metals – Alloys and impurities of: aluminum, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, lead, tin, zinc, copper, titanium, precious metals (on request) and demanding tasks such as oxygen in copper and nitrogen in steels.


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