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MicroLED Array Emission Patterns

All About Cathodoluminescence – A New Website from Gatan: WhatisCL.info

Find out all about CL with Gatan’s new website for users and for those new to the technique.

MicroLED Array Emission Patterns

Using SEM-based Cathodoluminescence to Study Light Emission at Nanoscale Spatial Resolution

How cathodoluminescence can be used to study the emission patterns of nitride semiconductor micropillars for microLEDs in displays, including wearable devices.

Intro to Cathodoluminescence

Cathodoluminescence Webinar: An Introduction

Join Gatan for a webinar introducing cathodoluminescence imaging (CL) – the first of a series about the technique.

SEM-based Cathodoluminescence

SEM-Based Cathodoluminescence in Geology and Geoscience

It’s now much easier to achieve high quality results with SEM-based cathodoluminescence, with the new Gatan Monarc. This has valuable applications in geology and geoscience, for rocks and minerals analysis.