All About Cathodoluminescence – A New Website from Gatan:

A new website from Gatan focusing on cathodoluminescence, to help you get the most from the technique and to introduce new people to what’s possible with SEM/TEM-based CL.

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More about Cathodoluminescence

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What is Cathodoluminescence Website from Gatan

New Cathodoluminescence Website

Gatan have launched a new website called with cathodoluminescence resources, for TEM/SEM users and anyone interested in learning more about the technique.

What is Cathodoluminescence?

Cathodoluminescence, also known as CL, is a powerful microscopy technique for characterising composition, optical and electronic properties at the nanoscale. The technique has several key benefits:

  • Sub-nm spatial resolution.
  • Data correlates with structural information.
  • Provides a wealth of data: morphology (eg size, shape), composition, chemistry, crystallography, electronic properties and more.

More details are available in our article:

What is Cathodoluminescence?

With systems from Gatan, CL can be added to your SEM or (S)TEM to access more information about your samples.

CL versus SEM
SEM versus CL: Cathodoluminescence reveals hidden information about geological samples. Courtesy of Dr. C. Loehn, University of Arizona

Resources Available on the Website

The new website from Gatan is designed to help you get the most from your cathodoluminescence experiments, and also to provide information to those unfamiliar with the technique.


An introduction to cathodoluminescence as a technique, when to use it and an overview of the various modes of operation, such as polarisation, time-resolved, ARCL and WARCL.


How CL can be used in various fields, with links to useful application notes and webinars:

  • Rocks, minerals and gems
  • Semiconductors – process development, nanostructures and devices
  • Nanophotonics
  • Ceramics, oxides and nitrides
  • Analysing radiation
  • Organic molecules – including biological specimens, pharmaceuticals and polymers

How To

How to prepare samples, perform experiments, optimise settings and analyse data, with tips and tricks. Includes how to collect maps, spectra and emission patterns, as well as spectrum imaging.


Search for publications, example images and videos related to your application or technique.

SEM/TEM-Based Cathodoluminescence

Add cathodoluminescence to your microscope with these systems from Gatan. As always, we’re available to advice on which would be most suitable for your area of work – just get in touch.

Gatan Monarc CL dectector

Monarc CL Detector

Next generation system for SEM

  • Unmatched spatial, angular and wavelength resolution.
  • 30x faster than other CL detectors.
  • Large field of view.

More details…

Gatan Vulcan

Vulcan CL Detector


  • Suitable for a wide range of samples.
  • Combine with other techniques.
  • Compatible with Gatan EELS systems for correlating absorption and emission processes.
Gatan ChromaCL2

ChromaCL2 iBSED Detector

For geology and geoscience

  • Live, colour CL imaging.
  • Reveal geochemical processes.
  • Visualise texture easily.
  • Automated montages for a large field of view.

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More Information

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