Cathodoluminescence Webinar: An Introduction

Watch Gatan’s cathodoluminescence webinar online now.

This is the first of a series of webinars, introducing the technique before looking in more detail at specific applications and new insights that weren’t previously possible.

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Introduction to Cathodoluminescence

Cathodoluminescence (CL) is an imaging technique performed in scanning or transmission electron microscopes (SEM / TEM). Recently there has been increasing interest in the technique, because of its unique capabilities:

  • Study the optical properties of materials / devices at the macro- to nano-scale
  • Results correlate directly with structure and composition

Cathodoluminescence has played a critical role in advancing our understanding of basic science and improving the performance devices.

It’s used in a variety of fields; You can characterise optical properties far below the diffraction limit in nanophotonics and quantum optics, improve the efficiency and monitor the quality of optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices, perform quantitative microanalysis in the earth and planetary sciences and much more.

The latest generation of CL detection systems deliver the most complete understanding of optical emissions to date, with unprecedented sensitivity and data quality.

Cathodoluminescence Examples

Webinar Content

This webinar gives you an introduction to cathodoluminescence and its key applications, with examples of the latest research in nanophotonics, micro-LED device development and microanalysis.

The webinar is presented by David Stowe from Gatan.

Webinar Series

Over the next 12 months, Gatan will be holding a series of webinars covering specific applications in detail and showing how the latest detectors enable new insights that weren’t previously possible.

Whether you’re new to CL or you’re already familiar with the technique, follow the series to discover what’s new, and what cathodoluminescence can do for you.

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Cathodoluminescence Instrumentation

Add cathodoluminescence capabilities to your SEM/TEM with these systems from Gatan:

Gatan Monarc CL dectector

NEW Gatan Monarc


  • Next generation system
  • Most complete CL analysis to date
  • 400x wider field of view than other detectors

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Gatan Vulcan

Gatan Vulcan


  • Analyse a wide range of samples
  • Correlate luminescence with microstructure and chemical properties
  • Combine with other techniques
Gatan ChromaCL2


For geochemistry

  • Live, colour CL imaging
  • Ideal for mineral analysis
  • Visualise tecture easily

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