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SiGE Semiconductor Characterisation

A New Method for Characterising Nanometre-Sized Semiconductor Structures

Self-focusing SIMS is a new technique for measuring the composition of semiconductors and SiGE devices. It’s ten times faster than studying nanometre-scale features directly with methods such as TEM or APT.

SIMS & APT in Geology

APT and SIMS in Geology and Geoscience

How APT (Atom Probe Tomography) and SIMS can be used in the fields of geology and geoscience, with examples from geochronology, mining and meteorite research.


SIMS Meteorite Research Reveals the Origin of Water on Earth

In new research about the origin of water on Earth, SIMS analysis has revealed that enstatite meteorites contain sufficient hydrogen for at least three times the mass of water in the oceans. The research at CRPG Nancy (Research Center Pétrographiques Et Géochimiques) in France used SIMS technology from CAMECA. Blue Scientific is the official distributor […]

Dynamic SIMS: Na in Glass

What is Dynamic SIMS?

An overview of SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) surface microanalysis, and how dynamic SIMS can be used for bulk composition and in-depth trace element distribution analysis.


Introducing our New Partners: CAMECA

Blue Scientific is now official distributor for CAMECA elemental and isotopic microanalysis instruments in the UK, Ireland and Finland.