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Category Archive for ‘Materials Science’

Measuring adhesion in 2D materials with AFM

Measuring Adhesion in 2D Materials with AFM

A scientific paper has been published in Advanced Materials about studying adhesion in 2D materials with AFM, using the Bruker MultiMode 8.

SiGE Semiconductor Characterisation

A New Method for Characterising Nanometre-Sized Semiconductor Structures

Self-focusing SIMS is a new technique for measuring the composition of semiconductors and SiGE devices. It’s ten times faster than studying nanometre-scale features directly with methods such as TEM or APT.

Nanosclae FTIR and s-SNOM

Advanced 2D Materials Research with Nanoscale FTIR and s-SNOM

A scientific paper published by UNSW highlighting new implications for engineered nanophotonics, using nanoscale FTIR and s-SNOM chemical imaging.

Gatan K3 IS Electron Counting TEM Camera

Low Dose Electron Microscopy (TEM) for Beam-Sensitive Materials

How to use low dose TEM to study beam-sensitive materials with reduced damage, using new electron counting camera technology.

Bruker AcuityXR Optical Microscope

Highest Resolution 3D Optical Microscope: Bruker Contour with AcuityXR

Achieve the highest lateral and vertical resolution with AcuityXR technology on Bruker’s Contour 3D optical microscopes. Break the optical diffraction limit, without compromising the other benefits of white light interferometry. For a limited time, we currently have a trade-in offer to help you benefit from the latest 3D optical microscope technology. Trade in your surface […]

Identifying Microplastics with Raman Spectroscopy

Microplastics Analysis with Raman Spectroscopy

How to analyse microplastic particles with Raman spectroscopy. Identify polymers and measure size, shape and composition with the Renishaw Invia Raman microscope.

Bruker Contour LS-K

Fastest Ever 3D Optical Profiling with Bruker LightSpeed™ Focus Variation

New Bruker Contour LS-K 3D optical profiler for fast, high quality surface maps and metrology data, with new technology for focus variation on samples with topography.

ASMCS 2016

ASMCS 2016 Annual Surface and Materials Chemistry Symposium, 8-10 Nov 2016

Visit us at ASMCS 2016, the Annual Surface and Materials Chemistry Symposium on 8-10 November 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Analysing Fibres with Micro-CT

Fibre Analysis with Micro-CT

How to analyse individual and multiple fibres in natural and synthetic materials using micro-CT imaging.

Graphene Week 2015

Graphene Week 2015 – 22-25 June

Come and see Blue Scientific at Graphene Week 2015, at the University of Manchester from Monday 22nd June to Thursday 25th June 2015. We’ll be on stand number 2 in the Exhibitor Hall. Follow Blue Scientific on Linked In for updates: Graphene Week 2015 Graphene Week is a scientific conference commissioned by the Graphene Flagship, […]