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Cryo-EM with the Gatan BioContinuum HD

New Gatan BioContinuum HD Imaging Filter

Gatan’s best-in-class BioContinuum imaging filter for cryo-EM is now available with EELS and EFTEM.

Gatan Continuum K3 Stela

Energy-Filtered 4D STEM with the Gatan GIF Continuum K3 (incorporating Stela)

A new fully-integrated system from Gatan and DECTRIS provides low-voltage capabilities for electron counting on EELS, EFTEM and energy-filtered 4D STEM over the entire 30 – 300 kV voltage range.

In-Situ EELS in a TEM

Characterising Material Dynamics with In-Situ EELS (Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy)

Study changes in composition and the electronic structure at the nanoscale with in-situ EELS in your TEM.

EELS Training School

Gatan European EELS & EFTEM School: 6-9 Feb 2018

European EELS and EFTEM School with Gatan, on 6-9 February 2018 at Graz University of Technology in Austria. Learn to acquire and analyse EELS data.

Gatan - new Nordic distributor

New Partnership with Gatan in the Nordic Region

We are delighted to add Gatan to our portfolio of scientific instruments, for our Nordic customers. Gatan systems enhance the performance of electron microscopes.