New Gatan BioContinuum HD Imaging Filter

Gatan’s best-in-class BioContinuum imaging filter for cryo-EM is now available with EELS and EFTEM capabilities.

Gatan BioContinuum HD

The new Gatan BioContinuum HD is the only full-featured, post-column imaging and energy filter. It provides zero-loss filtering to improve the contrast of TEM images in both life and material science applications.

There’s also the option to add features for acquiring EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) and EFTEM (Energy-Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy) data.

It’s compatible with most TEMs from Thermo Fisher, JEOL and Hitachi.

Gatan BioContinuum

Combining Technologies

The BioContinuum HD combines several powerful technologies from Gatan:

  • Latest generation GIF electron optics.
  • K3 camera with direct detection technology.
  • World-class EELS and EFTEM acquisition and analysis software.
Gatan detectors are at the frontier of resolution: this chart shows the resolution and molecule size for published single-particle cryo-EM structures.


The BioContinuum HD is optimised for:

  • Cryo-EM (cryo-electron microscopy)
  • Cryo-ET (cryo-electron tomography)
  • Low-dose STEM spectrum imaging
  • EELS

Gain insights into the atomic structure of biological macromolecules and disease progression at the molecular level, and broaden your research to applications at the convergence of life and material science.


The BioContinuum HD imaging filter is compatible with Gatan Microscopy Suite software including DigitalMicrograph, STEMPack spectrum imaging, Latitude S, Latitude T and Latitude D.

It also works with Thermo Scientific EPU software, Thermo Scientific Tomography software, Serial EM and Leginion for traditional life science data collection.


The BioContinuum imaging filter is now available in two different models:

  • BioContinuumDetails here
  • BioContinuum HD – Has the option for EELS, EFTEM and an Integrated BF/DF detector for STEM imaging.

Stable Optics

Gatan offers the most stable optics available. ZLP positioning delivers consistent data quality without downtime.

Cutting-edge aberration correction reduces image and energy distortion for uniform imaging over the entire field of view.

High Quality, High-Throughput Direct Detection Imaging

  • Highest DQE and widest operating voltage range: Acquire data at the highest resolutions from 80 – 300 kV.
  • Fast data collection at >600 movies per hour.
  • Large field of view: Ideal for single particle analysis and understanding the wider biological context in cryo-ET.
With a large field of view, the BioContinuum provides 1.65 times the number of pixels in each frame compared to the GIF Quantum LS imaging filter.

This video explains the principle of electron counting and how it enables the Gatan K3 camera to deliver the highest-resolution results for single particle cryo-EM:

Easy to Use

Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph, Latitude and AutoFilter software is straightforward and easy to use, while still giving you full power and flexibility.

Tuning and alignment are performed with one button, using smart algorithms. This speeds up the process and makes optics alignment a much simpler process.

More Information

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