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Empty modelling with Raman

Empty Modelling in Raman Analysis

Empty modelling identifies components and unknown materials from complex mixtures, even without knowledge of the species present.

Renishaw Raman Spectrum Search

Renishaw Spectrum Search: Easily Identify Materials in a Mixture with Raman Spectroscopy

Renishaw’s Spectrum Search is a new software feature that automates the process of identifying components within a mixture with Raman spectroscopy.

Renishaw Correlate Software

Combine Raman with other Microscopy Techniques (SEM, AFM, IR & more)

With Renishaw’s new Correlate software module, you can combine results from various microscopy techniques for more powerful data.

Silicon Wafer Defects

Characterising Semiconductors with Raman Spectroscopy

How Raman spectroscopy can be used to characterise semiconductor materials. Measure defects in SiC, crystal quality, stress/strain, homogeneity and more.

IR and Raman

Simultaneous IR and Raman Microscopy

Simultaneous infrared and Raman Microscopy – a world first, using the mIRage IR microscope from Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp.

Coatings Analysis with Raman

Characterise Coatings with Raman Microscopy

How to analyse layers and coatings with Raman spectroscopy, with the example of paint on coated metal.