Combine Raman with other Microscopy Techniques (SEM, AFM, IR & more)

How to combine results from Raman spectroscopy with other microscopy techniques, including SEM, AFM, fluorescence, IR, optical microscopy and more. Gain greater insights into your sample by combining Raman images with Renishaw’s new Correlate software module.

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Combine Microscopy Techniques

Renishaw’s new Correlate software module enables you to combine imaging techniques for new insights from your microscopic methods.

Microscopy techniques are typically used separately in the lab. However, the results are often complementary, so combining them can lead to a better interpretation of your sample. Overlaying images from multiple techniques can give you a deeper understanding, as well as making the results easier to interpret.

New Renishaw Correlate Software

Renishaw’s new Correlate software module combines images from Raman spectroscopy with other imaging techniques. You can compare Raman results with other commonly used microscopic methods including:

  • SEM,
  • Fluorescence
  • AFM
  • Infrared
  • Optical microscopy
Correlated AFM & Raman Microscopy
AFM image of an ReS2 flake correlated with a white light image from the Renishaw inVia microscope


The Correlate module is part of Renishaw’s WiRE 5.3 software. It can be used with these systems from Renishaw:

For information about the other techniques it can be used with, please get in touch.

Useful Software Tools

It’s easy to use; First record the coordinates of three or more reference points and data acquisition points on your sample. The Correlate module then guides you to these regions of interest, ensuring that data is acquired from the exact same locations. The images are then overlaid for interpretation.

  • Coordinate Manager – Import and transform coordinates from commonly-used microscopy systems to the Raman system.
  • Image Alignment Tools – Translate, rotate, adjust the size and aspect ratio of the overlay. You can also vary the transparency.
  • Batch measurements – Automate the same Raman measurement at various positions on the sample.
Combine Raman & SEM Images
Combining Raman & SEM Images of a geological sample

Example: Studying a Mineralogical Section

See how the new software can be used in this application note from Renishaw. Raman and SEM images of a mineralogical sample were combined to create more powerful data, incorporating both chemical and physical information.

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Oesophageal Microtome Slice
Correlated stained tissue image and Raman image of an oesophageal microtome slice