Renishaw Spectrum Search: Easily Identify Materials in a Mixture with Raman Spectroscopy

Renishaw Spectrum Search is a new software feature that makes it easier to identify components in a mixture with Raman spectroscopy, with automated searches and matching.

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Renishaw Raman Spectrum Search

Renishaw Spectrum Search

Renishaw’s new Spectrum Search is a software feature that automates the process of identifying components within a mixture.

Identify Unknown Materials in Mixtures

Raman spectroscopy is often used to identify unknown materials. It uses unique Raman spectral fingerprints and compares them to libraries of spectra. This method is ideal for pure materials.

However, mixtures are more challenging and it can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process. Previously, this involved subtracting the first match and re-searching the residual spectrum manually.

The new Spectrum Search software module uses custom search algorithms to automate this process, saving time and making it much easier. It’s part of Renishaw’s WiRE software package.

How it Works

In contrast to traditional, manual methods, the new software is fast and easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Specify the maximum number of components the mixture may contain.
  • The software searches multiple spectral libraries. Searches are performed simultaneously, so the analysis only needs to run once.
  • All possible compositions of materials in the sample are provided, with scores indicating match quality and goodness-of-fit.

The Spectrum Search module’s powerful algorithms save time and minimise user interpretation. Using multiple spectral libraries, it enables the user to rapidly and accurately identify pure components and mixtures within the sample under analysis.

Tim Smith – Applications Manager, Renishaw

Additional Features

  • Interactive mode – If you need a little more control, interactive mode allows you to select a spectra of interest and run library scans to find the best match.
  • Custom libraries – Create your own custom spectral library, specific to your work.
  • Masked spectral regions – Target identification towards unknown Raman bands.
  • Intelligent fitting – Remove broad backgrounds produced by sample fluorescence.

Video Demonstration

Watch the video for a walk-through of the process within Renishaw’s WIRE software:


The Spectrum Search software module is available as part of Renishaw’s WiRE 5.3 software. It can be used with these systems:

Renishaw Raman instruments

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 Renishaw Raman

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