TXRF Roadshow – Book a live demo in your lab!

TXRF Roadshow – Live Demos

We’re taking the S2 PICOFOX on the road, to show you what TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) analysis can do. During the first week in October (5th-9th October), we’ll be bringing the instrument to labs around the UK, along with an expert applications scientist from Bruker.

Book a session now, and you and your colleagues can ‘test drive’ TXRF trace analysis in your own lab:

  • Try TXRF using your own samples and see the results
  • Discuss your research with a TXRF applications scientist
  • All your questions answered

Book Now!

The roadshow will take place on 5th-9th October 2015. Contact us now on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com to book a demo at your lab. Spaces are first come first served, so book early for the best choice of dates.

About TXRF

Bruker S2 Picofox TXRFTXRF delivers multi-element trace analysis, with detection limits in the ppb and ppm range. The Bruker S2 PICOFOX is the world’s first portable benchtop spectrometer, for fast quantitative and semi-quantitative microanalysis of liquids, suspensions, solids and contaminations.

  • Detect trace elements down to ppb and ppm range
  • Small sample quantities in the nanogram or microgram range
  • Faster and easier sample preparation than ICP-MS
  • Low running costs – no consumables, gas or liquid nitrogen
  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis

TXRF works well as a complement to ICP-MS analysis, or as an economical alternative, with lower running costs and faster sample preparation.

TXRF in food & beverages

TXRF trace analysis: Detecting mercury in tap water and orange juice

TXRF Applications

TXRF is extremely flexible and can be used for a huge variety of applications. If your application isn’t mentioned here, please get in touch!

  • Authentication – in pharmaceuticals and forensics
  • Contamination analysis of wafers, solar cells, OLEDs and nano-particles
  • Quality control of pure substances and industrial products
  • Clinical chemistry – tissues and biological liquids
  • Food – nutrients, dietary supplements and beverages
  • Environmental analysis – contamination of water and soil


 Book a demo: 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com

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TXRF on nanoparticles

TXRF analysis of nanoparticle coating: The quantity of Ru was calculated as 72 ug/l