Why the ChemiSEM is an Ideal Solution for Industry

The Axia ChemiSEM is a scanning electron microscope (SEM) that offers a new chemical and imaging analysis approach. It is designed for Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis in a new and streamlined way. This blog post will look at why Thermo Scientific’s Axia ChemiSem is an ideal solution for industrial use.

What is the ChemiSEM?

A scanning electron microscope is one of the most common imaging methods used to analyse the surfaces of solid objects. However, the ChemiSEM is different from traditional SEMs because it continuously collects EDS data in the background. Continuous monitoring is enabled by the use of a unique algorithm which simultaneously processes the SEM and EDS signals and provides the elemental data in real-time. 

Automation is a crucial feature of the Axia ChemiSEM, which helps to provide a superior user experience. SmartAlign technology is installed to support alignment-free operation and live quantitative EDS mapping at brand-new automatic functions. As a result of the automation features, analysis can be performed even faster than traditional methods, and the SEM is easier and more accessible.

Benefits of ChemiSEM

The Axia ChemiSEM has been developed with several key features in mind. It is easier to use and maintain than traditional SEM methods and allows for quick, quiet and accurate image analysis. Additional benefits of the ChemiSEM include:

Easy to Use

With an alignment-free set-up, integrated user guide and real-time compositional imaging, the ChemiSEM have been designed to allow analysts to focus on collecting the data they need instead of worrying about the instrument operation. This also helps to speed up workflow and minimize downtime. 

Excellent Imaging Performance

The ChemiSEM is always ready for imaging and can characterize a wide range of samples. It has been designed to collect SE, BSE and EDS data and can be configured for low-vacuum mode. Samples can be insulated with the Low Vac operation, and high-fidelity imaging is carried out with advanced beam scanning. 

Live Quantitative Elemental Mapping

The perfect solution for operations of all experience levels, the ChemiSEM ensures that reliable results are always obtained. The equipment generates fully quantitative, elemental X-ray maps whilst removing background variation and peak overlaps.

Multiple Software Options

Thermo Scientific provide several software options for the ChemiSEM, including Thermo Scientific Maps™ Software and  Thermo Scientific AutoScript™ Software. These can be used to enable full system automation, customized workflow development and many other processes.

ChemiSEM at Blue Scientific

SEMs are suitable for various applications, especially in the science industry. Chemical analysis and imaging is an ideal solution for failure analysis and quality control, as well as learning about the composition and topography of materials.  For more information about Thermo Scientific’s Axia ChemiSEM,  feel free to contact a team member today. Alternatively, you can download the ChemiSEM brochure.