Dow Fellow Presents AFM-IR Talk at ISPAC 2015 Polymer Conference

Dow Fellow Dr Gregory Meyers will present an invited talk about AFM based nanoscale IR spectroscopy on polymer blends and films at ISPAC 2015, the 28th International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and Characterisation.

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Bruker Analysis NanoIR3-s

The nanoIR2 has now been updated to the nanoIR3-s

About AFM-IR

AFM-IR is a new technique that uses an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) probe as an infrared (IR) absorption sensor, to obtain over 100X increase in spatial resolution of IR spectroscopy. The technique was commercialised by Anasys Instruments with the nanoIR and nanoIR2.

Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Bruker Anasys instruments – if you have any questions about the technique and its applications, please get in touch.

Gregory Meyers, Dow

Dr Gregory Meyers, Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Gregory Meyers, a Fellow at The Dow Chemical Company, has been involved in the development of the AFM-IR technology and is one of the world’s leading industrial AFM practitioners.

AFM-IR on Polymer Blends and Films

Dr. Meyers will present AFM-IR results on a variety of samples, including polymer blends and multilayer films. His talk is entitled “Nanoscale Molecular Imaging in Polymer Systems” and is co-authored by M.A. Rickard, C. W. Reinhardt, and J. J. Stanley.


The AFM-IR solves a longstanding need in polymeric materials development for chemical analysis at the nanoscale. By doing it with an AFM, it simultaneously addresses one of the most important missing capabilities of the scanning probe microscopy platform – lack of chemical specificity, thus enabling the further growth of the AFM technique in new applications and markets. We are now able to see “the chemistry in the morphology”.
Dr. Gregory Meyers


AFM-IR on polymer blends

Example of AFM-IR on poilymer blends. EVA and PE phases are readily distinguished by AFM-IR spectra; contact frequency image provides a qualitative comparison of the materials’ stiffness.

ISPAC 2015

ISPAC is annual conference about industrial polymer characterisation technologies and applications. The 2015 conference will be in Houston, Texas on 7-10 June. Full details are available on the ISPAC 2015 website.

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy instruments

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ISPAC 2015 polymer analysis conference