Battery and Fuel Cell Research

Electric car battery

Micro-CT scans of batteries

Non-destructive internal imaging with micro-CT


Semiconductor energy research

Solar Cells / Photovoltaics

Solar cells / photovoltaics research

  • Characterising photovoltaics and solar cells with Raman SpectroscopyArticleRenishaw InVia
  • RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances) – Map elements and detect traces of toxic substances using micro-XRF –
  • Elemental analysis of thin film solar cells, in both air and vacuums, using micro-XRF. Suitable for in-line analysis during manufacturing and for final product testing – Bruker M4 TornadoApplication Note


XRD in Battery Materials Development

An overview of how X-Ray Diffraction is used in battery development and energy storage materials analysis, including in-situ and in-operando measurements. More details…

XRD battery charge/discharge cycle

Highest Resolution Imaging with FEG-SEM

FEG-SEM image of a fuel cell, taken with the Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2, the only desktop FEG-SEM system. This technique delivers the very highest resolution imaging compared to regular SEM. More about FEG-SEM…

Fuel cell (FEG-SEM)

XPS in battery materials development

XPS Battery Materials Development

XPS is a highly surface-specific analytical technique. In this example, XPS was used to analyse li-ion battery electrode materials for a better understanding of the SEI layer.

More details…

Car battery image courtesy of Tennen-Gas (Wikimedia Commons)