New Bruker SkyScan 1275 Automated, Desktop Micro-CT

Introducing a new micro-CT scanner from Bruker: the Bruker SkyScan 1275 is a highly automated, self-optimising desktop micro-CT system. As well as full manual functionality, the system features automated sequences that are activated with the push of a single button. This means that high quality 3D images can be acquired with virtually no training. Imaging parameters are optimised automatically, for high quality results every time.

The SkyScan 1275 is designed for materials and life scientists in both research and industrial applications, for example high-throughput 3D imaging in quality control and production process monitoring.

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Fast Scanning and Image Reconstruction

New X-ray source technology and efficient flat-panel detectors have reduced scan times to just a few minutes, without compromising image quality. The SkyScan 1275 software features 2D and 3D image analysis, as well as a realistic 3D visualisation. Newly developed reconstruction algorithms and powerful graphics cards have accelerated the speed of image reconstruction dramatically. Results are visualised extremely quickly and realistically by volume rendering. Reveal amazing details of the sample’s internal microstructure, and perform virtual cuts and flights around and inside objects.

Carbonate structure internal micro-CT image

Volume rendering of the internal structure of carbonate, with the front right corner virtually removed. The pore sizes are colour-coded.

Push-Button Automation

The high level of automation is a key feature of the Bruker SkyScan 1275. Activate a preselected sequence of actions with the press of a button, including scanning, reconstruction and volume rendering. All users can successfully obtain high quality results easily.

Flexible Scanner

Image medium and large samples, up to 96mm in diameter and 120mm long. Optional stages are available for micro-positioning and material testing, so you can scan the sample under a varying conditions, including compression, tension, heating and cooling.

The SkyScan 1275 provides our customers a fast, easy-to-use system that is ideal for scanning a wide range of samples. It supports a variety of applications, from analysing building materials and electronic assemblies for quality control, to geological research for oil and gas exploration, to anatomical pathology research. By providing high-quality 3D non-destructive imaging with significantly reduced scan times and unprecedented ease of use, the new SkyScan 1275 delivers increased efficiency for scientific research and industrial applications.
Dr. Alexander Sasov, Managing Director at Bruker microCT

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Automated, push-button operation