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XRM for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

XRM for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (X-Ray Microscopy / Micro-CT)

An overview of how XRM is used to examine tablets, coatings, packaging, failure analysis & more.

ToScA 2020

ToScA 2021: Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium (Online)

This year ToScA 2020 is an online, virtual tomography conference on 3rd September 2020 .

Phase Retrieval Reconstruction

Phase Retrieval Imaging with Bruker NRecon 2.0 Micro-CT Reconstruction Software

Phase retrieval imaging (phase contrast) is a new image processing feature in Bruker’s NRecon 2.0 micro-CT reconstruction software for removing bright edges and enhancing contrast.

Micro-CT in Lung Disease Imaging

How Micro-CT is being used in some of the World’s First in vivo COVID-19 Imaging Experiments

Bruker Micro-CT imaging is being used in a Biosafety Level 3 Lab, to find a vaccine and treatments for coronavirus.

ToScA 2020

ToScA 2020: Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium (Online Conference)

This year ToScA 2020 is an online, virtual tomography conference on 3rd September 2020 .

Micro-CT in Paleontology

Micro-CT in Paleontology: Imaging Fossils, Prehistoric Teeth and Bones

An overview of how microtomography is used in paleontology, to study the internal micro-structure of bones, teeth, fossils and more.

Zabrafish Imaging with Micro-CT

Zebrafish Imaging with Micro-CT

How micro-tomography can be used in biomedical research for sub-micron 3D imaging to study zebrafish morphology, bone densitometry, tissue, histology and more.

How to measure individual grains with Micro-CT

How to Measure Individual Grains/Particles/Fibres with Micro-CT

Using Bruker’s watershed algorithm to separate grain-based materials with X-ray micro-CT – ideal for powders, fibres, geological samples, pharmaceuticals and more.

Bone Research Society Meeting 2019

BRS Annual Meeting 2019 (Bone Research Society)

Visit us at the BRS Annual Meeting 2019 on 4-6 September 2019 at Cardiff University. Annual meeting of the Bone Research Society and the British Orthopaedic Research Society.

TOSCA 2019

ToScA 2019: Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium

Visit us at ToScA 2019 tomography conference on 11-13 September 2019 at the University of Southampton.