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XRM for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

XRM for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (X-Ray Microscopy / Micro-CT)

An overview of how XRM is used to examine tablets, coatings, packaging, failure analysis & more.

Micro-CT in Life Science & Biology

Bruker X-Ray Microscopy / Micro-CT User Meeting 2021

The Bruker XRM User Meeting will be held online on 12th – 13th October 2021.

How to measure individual grains with Micro-CT

How to Measure Individual Grains/Particles/Fibres with Micro-CT

Using Bruker’s watershed algorithm to separate grain-based materials with X-ray micro-CT – ideal for powders, fibres, geological samples, pharmaceuticals and more.

dXCT 2019

dXCT 2019: Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography Conference

Visit us at dXCT 2019, the Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography Conference at the University of Huddersfield on 25-26 June 2019.

Bone morphometry with micro-CT

Bone Morphometry in Micro-CT: Separating Trabecular and Cortical Bone

A new method for automatic trabecular-cortical separation in micro-CT called the morphological escalator.

Bruker Sample Changer

High-Throughput Micro-CT with a Sample Changer

Save time and scan large numbers of micro-CT samples easily with an automated sample changer from Bruker SkyScan.

Micro-CT Polymer Example

Bruker CTAn Micro-CT Software – New Features in v.1.18

Bruker are constantly updating their micro-CT software with new features and capabilities. Round-up of new tools and improvements in CTAn version 1.18.

Ghent, Belgium

Bruker Micro-CT User Meeting 2018

Register now for the Bruker Micro-CT User Meeting on 16-19 April 2018 in Belgium.

Micro-CT image reconstruction

How Micro-CT Scanning Trajectory Affects Image Reconstruction

How to choose a micro-CT scanning trajectory, and how various acquisition geometries affect image quality and reconstruction speed, as well as the differences between circular and helical scanning. Blue Scientific is the official UK and Nordic distributor of Bruker Micro-CT systems, for 3D X-ray imaging and analysis. For more information and quotes, please get in touch: […]

Bruker Elemental Analysis

New Partnership with Bruker AXS – XRD, XRF, SC-XRD, SAXS & Micro-XT (Nordic Region)

Blue Scientific is now the exclusive distributor for Bruker AXS instruments in the Nordic region (Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden & Finland). The range includes XRD, XRF, SC-XRD, SAXS and X-ray micro-CT.