Gatan Monarc: Cathodoluminescence System for SEM

The Gatan Monarc redefines what’s possible with SEM-based cathodoluminescence. With significantly enhanced sensitivity and spectral resolution for the most complete CL analysis to date, with unique wavelength- and angle-resolved capabilities.

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Gatan systems for electron microscopes in the Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). For more information or quotes, please get in touch.

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Gatan Monarc CL dectector

Correlate Optical and Structural Properties at the Nanoscale

With a scanning electron microscope there are many different ways to correlate physical, optical, and electronic properties when the electron beam interacts with your sample. With a cathodoluminescence (CL) detector, you can analyse these properties at nanometre-scale, because the resolution is determined by the electron beam, not optical diffraction limits.

Gatan Monarc

  • New analytical capabilities
    Benefit from the most complete CL analysis to date.
  • Unprecedented sensitivity
    You no longer need to choose between data quality and fast analysis. The Monarc gives you high quality spectra and images in the shortest time.
  • Accurate correlation with other signals
    Simultaneously detect multiple signals for morphology and composition matching
  • Easy to use, even for non-experts
    Traditionally, cathodoluminescence required an expert to align the system. The Monarc has fully automated alignment and recipes so all users can acquire high quality results.

Cathodoluminescence Modes

The Monarc delivers significant improvements for common modes of analysis, as well as giving you new modes:

Wavelength-filtered map

Wavelength-filtered map

Single wavelength

Results can be routinely reproduced with data collection recipes. 

  • Reveal trace elements
  • Impurities
  • Compositional distribution
  • Crystal defects

Wavelength-resolved spectrum

Wavelength-resolved spectrum


5x improvement in resolution and light-gathering power, with a virtually aberration-free spectograph and higher signal to noise ratio.

  • Measure band gap
  • Local density of optical states
  • Identify colour centres

Wavelength-resolved hyperspectral data

Wavelength-resolved hyperspectral data


Create spectral libraries and use the widest selection of fit models.

  • Map composition
  • Measure stress
  • Reveal phase distribution with overlapping spectral features

New Modes

ARCL / Hyperspectral

Angle-resolved CL: ARCL, hyperspectral (Single wavelength)

Understand how light and matter interact far below the optical diffraction limit.

Wavelength and Angle Resolved Spectra

Wavelength- and angle-resolved (WARCL)


Study how light and matter interact at different viewing angles and wavelengths.

Polarisation Filtering

Polarisation filtering

Single polarisation

Measure the emission polarisation properties of deep sub-wavelength structures such as optical nanoantenna, nanocavities and photonic crystals.

Up to 5x Higher Throughput

With the best-in-class spectrograph you can use larger slits than alternative systems, which increases fluence. This speeds up acquisition times, which were previously limited by signal-to-noise ratio.

Emission lines can be measured with ½ the width and double the height. This means you can collect spectra with higher resolution and peak-to-background ratio.

Largest Field of View

The Monarc’s field of view is 400x larger than other cathodoluminescence instruments, with aberration-corrected optics (patent pending). The unique optical design gives you the flattest response across the field of view of any SEM-based cathodoluminescence system. The field of view is virtually independent of spectral resolution (depending on the model).

Large field of view

400x larger field of view: >100 x 100 μm

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Gatan. If you’d like any more information or a quote, please get in touch:

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or

Gatan product range

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