High-Intensity In-Plane Diffraction with the Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus XRD

A new non-coplanar arm and X-ray optics are available for the Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus XRD system. These increase measured intensities by up to one order of magnitude, for the highest quality data for insights into the structural properties of materials.

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New Technology for the Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus

Bruker has launched new technology for the the D8 DISCOVER Plus, which is the flagship of their XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) range. Two cutting-edge new components are now available:

  • Non-coplanar arm
  • MONTEL Plus X-ray optics

Non Coplanar Arm

The new non-coplanar arm enables the D8 DISCOVER Plus to perform in-plane diffraction measurements, with unmatched accuracy. Together with Bruker’s patented Automated Torque Control technology in the ATLAS goniometer, the non-coplanar arm sets a new benchmark for in-plane diffraction.

New X-Ray Optics

For successful in-plane diffraction on ultra-thin layers and films, a highly parallel and intense X-ray beam is essential. The new MONTEL Plus X-ray optics feature a unique I╬╝STM X-ray source.

The new optics deliver a millimetre-sized beam with high brilliance, low divergence and ultra-low background. This gives you unmatched resolution and intensity for in-plane diffraction.

Using the new optics and non-coplanar arm, you can now see an increase in measured intensities by up to one order of magnitude. This provides the highest data quality for insights into structural properties.

New Bruker XRD Technology

Detector Technology

The D8 DISCOVER Plus also incorporates the latest X-ray detector technology, including:

  • LYNXEYE XE-T strip detector with the highest available energy resolution
  • EIGER2 R 500K multi-mode Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector

Modular Components

The D8 DISCOVER Plus is also compatible with the complete suite of D8 family components. These can be changed easily to customise the system for each measurement. Parts are recognised automatically as you add them, with DIFFRAC.SNAP-LOCK for alignment-free exchange of system sub-units without tools.

With the introduction of the new D8 DISCOVER Plus X-ray diffraction solutions with non-coplanar arm and MONTEL Plus optics, Bruker once again sets standards in XRD instrumentation. The D8 DISCOVER Plus is designed to deliver high accuracy results over a broad range of applications in structure analysis, for all kinds of materials from powders in the pharmaceutical industry to crystalline structures in thin-layer devices
Dr. Martin Zimmermann - Bruker Product Manager, XRD Thin Film Solutions

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