Upgrading your TEM: Cameras and Cryo-EM

Upgrading your TEM with a new camera or cryo-holder can update your existing microscope with new features. The latest technology can be retrofitted easily to update the capabilities of your system:

  • Higher quality data
  • Faster and more convenient workflows
  • New experiment possibilities
  • Useful new features for in-situ microscopy

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Upgrading your Camera

If you find that the capabilities of your TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) are limiting your research, it may not be necessary to completely replace the microscope to take advantage of today’s technology.

Upgrading to a new camera can improve your data quality straight away, as well as simplifying the process of data acquisition, for both workhorse TEMs and screening microscopes. A new camera can be retrofitted to TEMs from most major manufacturers – contact us to check compatibility.

Artifact-free diffraction ring, taken with the Gatan Rio camera.

High Quality Data

Convenient New Features

  • Live view is always available – no need for separate search, preview, and record modes.
  • Set acquisition parameters and capture images/video quickly with streamlined workflows.
  • Real-time drift correction (available with a single click) to remove the effects of stage or specimen drift.
  • Rotate images before acquisition, for the exact orientation you need.
  • View, process and export images/videos easily using Gatan Microscopy Suite software.
Drift Correction
Zeolite sample with and without drift correction. Taken with the OneView camera.
Courtesy of Chevron, zeolite SSZ-57.

Greater Flexibility

  • Multiple camera configurations are available to suit the mounting options of your microscope and the kV range of your analysis.
  • If you need in-situ capabilities in future, these can be added to the Rio 16 or OneView at any time.
  • 4D STEM capabilities can be added to all in-situ enabled cameras with STEMx.
C. elegans stomach sample. Taken with the Rio 16 camera.

In-Situ Studies

With Gatan’s LookBack feature, you can trigger data collection after the reaction begins, ensuring you don’t miss the start of a reaction. This also means you only capture the data you need – saving you time later on when reviewing your data.

For experiments involving Gatan temperature-controlled sample holders, the in-situ conditions can be recorded and synchronised automatically with image and video metadata. When analysing your data, you can be fully informed and sure of the exact state of your specimen at any given point.

Example: Monitoring Multiple Reaction Sites

The example below shows Ru on SiO2 heated to 1300 ˚C. You can visualise the change in particle shape with good spatial and temporal resolution, with the large field of view of the Gatan OneView camera.

The main video is at 10x speed, and the shape transformation of the particle is at 2x speed. The inset is zoomed in to show that lattice fringes were resolved.

The video has not been drift corrected or cropped. Frames were averaged together to improve the signal-to-noise.

Example: Low Electron Dose Rates

The video below is of alloy dissociation, taken with the Gatan K3 IS direct detection camera. The electron dose rate is just 27 e-/Å2/s and the total electron dose is only 3240 e-/Å2.

TEM Cameras

These cameras can be retrofitted to your existing microscope. Gatan cameras are compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers – contact us to check your model.

Gatan Rio Camera


  • Large field of view, high resolution, high sensitivity and high speed.
  • Ideal for routine imaging and diffraction work – while still providing advanced techniques eg in-situ microscopy and 4D STEM.
  • Bottom- or side-mount for experiments up to 200 kV.
  • Ideal for cell biology, metal and alloy microstructure characterization and in-situ microscopy.

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Gatan OneView TEM Camera


  • 4k x 4k data capture.
  • 25 fps at full 16-megapixel resolution and up to 300 fps at 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Prioritise frame-rate, signal-to-noise ratio or specimen dose with different imaging modes.
  • Bottom-mount camera for experiments up to 300 kV.
  • Ideal for nanomaterial size and morphology analysis, energy storage, catalysis, beam-sensitive materials and in-situ studies.

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Gatan K3 IS TEM Camera


  • Revolutionises in-situ imaging.
  • Direct detection for low-dose, fast, in-situ imaging.
  • Acquire 23.6-megapixel electron counted images at 75 fps, and 256 x 256 pixels images at up to
    1200 fps.
  • Ideal for liquid cell electrochemistry, atomic-scale catalysis and beam sensitive materials.

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Another way to easily upgrade your TEM is with an Elsa cryo-holder. You can then study radiation-sensitive, frozen-hydrated specimens with cryo-EM. This maintains their natural state, which is extremely useful in structural biology.

With the right sample, cryo-EM can solve molecular structures at a resolution below 1.5 Å. This level of resolution level was inconceivable just a few years ago.

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More Information

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Zeolite sample containing small metal Pt particles. Taken with the
Gatan OneView camera.
Courtesy of Chevron, zeolite SSZ-57.