New Gatan Elsa™ Cryo-Transfer Holder for Cryo-EM

The Elsa Cryo-Transfer Holder from Gatan is a new cryo-holder for transferring samples to your TEM frost-free at liquid nitrogen temperature. This is useful for:

  • Cryo-EM
  • Cryo-tomography
  • Electron crystallography
  • Nanoparticle imaging

Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor of Gatan sample preparation and add-on systems for electron microscopes (Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark). For more information and quotes, please get in touch:

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Gatan Elsa cryo-transfer holder

Cryo-Transfer Holder

The Elsa cryo-transfer holder is a single-tilt liquid nitrogen holder for transferring samples frost-free at liquid nitrogen temperature into your TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope).  This is particularly useful for imaging radiation-sensitive, frozen-hydrated specimens with single particle cryo-EM (cryo-electron microscopy).


  • Large dewar – Completely redesigned to hold 2.5x more liquid nitrogen.
  • Extended hold time:
    • More than 9 hours below -145°C.
    • More than 8 hours of stable, high-resolution imaging.
  • High quality images during data collection, with <1.5 nm/min drift rate.
  • Resolve <2.3 Å features – Achieve high resolution imaging even under cryo-conditions.
  • Reduced settling and drift during tomography – Centrosymmetric design eliminates the shift in the centre of gravity during stage tilts.

Tip Configurations

The holder comes with two tip configurations:

  • Ultra-low profile tip:
    • Highest tilt range of any side entry cryo-transfer holder available (±80° tilt).
    • Sample held with Gatan’s Quickload™ clipring-free mechanism.
  • Standard tip:
    • Easiest to use for those new to cryo-EM.
    • Sample held with a clipring mechanism.

Cryo-EM Sample Holders

Samples can be mounted with a clipring on the standard holder, or an ultra-low profile holder for high tilt applications.

Longer Experiments

The large reservoir holds more liquid nitrogen than other models, for a longer hold time of >9 hours. Perform longer, unsupervised data collection overnight or from complex cryo-experiments.

Higher Quality Images, Less Drift

With its high-resolution optical cable, the Gatan Elsa can be set to maintain a constant temperature throughout the course of an experiment without compromising performance. This minimises sample drift, so the stage stabilises faster and you can start collecting images sooner. You can also resolve features at <2.3 Å resolution isotropically.

Further Information

More details about systems for electron microscopy will be added to our website shortly. We are Gatan’s new official partners in the Nordic region, and we’re available to help with all your questions. For further information and quotes, please get in touch:

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or

Gold lattice - cryo-em

Gold lattice at cryo-temperature, taken with the Elsa cryo-transfer holder. High resolution features are clearly visible (blue 2.3 Å , red 2.0 Å, green 1.45 Å,
yellow 1.2 Å).