AFM Webinar: Scanning Nanoelectrochemistry & Nanoelectrical Liquid Imaging 15/11/17

Join Bruker for a webinar on Wednesday 15th November 2017 about in situ, multimodal nanoscale imaging. The webinar will introduce new probes from Bruker, for scanning nanoelectrochemistry and nanoelectrical liquid imaging.

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Scanning Nanoelectrochemistry & Nanoelectrical Liquid Imaging

In situ, multimodal, nanoscale imaging is extremely useful in multidisciplinary research, in energy, material and biological studies.

In this webinar Dr. Huang, Senior Development Applications Scientist at Bruker Nano Surfaces, will introduce two unique techniques for multidisciplinary research, along with a variety of application examples:

  • PeakForce Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (PeakForce SECM)
  • Force Volume SECM
Bruker SECM Probes

Reliable, easy-to-use probes specifically designed for SECM

PeakForce SECM

PeakForce Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy simultaneously captures topography, conductivity and quantitative nanomechanical information at the nanoscale, together with electrochemical properties with sub-100 nm resolution.

This technique uses Bruker’s new batch-fabricated, robust nanoelectrode probes. These have an exposed, active Pt tip apex of ~250 nm height and an end tip radius of ~25 nm.

Force Volume SECM

Force Volume SECM provides improved electrochemical kinetic quantification, 3D nano-electrochemical and nanomechanical mapping. The newly developed nanoelectrode probe also delivers nanoelectrical measurements in liquids, namely PeakForce-TUNA, PeakForce-KPFM and PFM.

Find out more about these new techniques in Bruker’s webinar on Wednesday 15th November 2017, with example applications.


The webinar is free and all are welcome to attend, on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET. Register on Bruker’s website, and you’ll receive a link to attend:

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