World’s First Raman System with Remote Probes and Focus-Tracking

The Renishaw Virsa is a Raman system with probes for remote sampling. It’s now been updated with focus-tracking and live reaction monitoring, so you can analyse large samples, irregular surfaces, phase changes and moving samples.

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Renishaw Virsa

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Renishaw Virsa

The Renishaw Virsa Raman analyser has remote, fibre-optic probes for analysing samples away from the laboratory microscope. A new version is now available, opening Raman to new samples, applications and environments, by incorporating focus-tracking technology and useful new software features.

Renishaw Virsa

LiveTrack™ Focus-Tracking

The new model features Renishaw’s LiveTrack focus-tracking technology, which enables you to perform real-time analysis on a whole new range of sample types:

  • Large samples.
  • Irregular surfaces.
  • Samples that are changing shape during phase changes.
  • Moving samples on production lines.

Raman Analysis Away from the Lab Microscope

The versatile system has a modest footprint. It can be used on a bench or mounted on an industry-standard 19″ rack. This means you can now use Raman in new settings and environments, beyond the traditional lab-based microscope set-up.

The Virsa system enables users to easily take Raman spectra from samples that were previously impossible, or difficult, to analyse. This opens up many new applications of Raman spectroscopy and imaging.
Dr Tim Batten - Product Manager, Renishaw
Focus Tracking

New Software Module

The updated WiRE 5.5 software (Windows-based Raman Environment) has two new features:

  • Live reaction monitoring with the Monitor software module.
  • Partial least squares (PLS) analysis module.

Live Reaction Monitoring

The new Monitor software module processes and analyses a constant flow of Raman data for live reaction monitoring. This can be used to monitor changing sample properties or chemical concentrations.

This can be used in a variety of situations, for example to monitor and understand processes in development or production stages, or to track spectral changes during an experiment’s progress.

It’s suitable for a wide range of situations, including:

  • Sampling liquids with immersion probes.
  • Examining materials in containers, vessels, or reactors via a window.
  • Analysing surfaces of variable height – for example in reel-to-reel production monitoring or during phase change studies.
Raman probes

Partial Least Squares Analysis

The Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis module generates and tests PLS models. Together with the Monitor software module it can predict values in real time, for any material that exhibits a spectral change, eg in concentration or crystallinity.

This has many uses in industry and academia, especially in fields such as pharmaceuticals. PLS is now available as part of Renishaw’s WiRE 5.5 software.

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Renishaw Virsa

Renishaw Virsa