Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting 2016

Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting

Visit us at the Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting (SPM 2016) on 6-7 July 2016 at the University of Warwick.

The meeting covers the whole range of scanning probe microscopy topics, including atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning tunnelling microscopy and specialist techniques. The event is an opportunity for the community to meet and discuss the latest developments in the field, as well as an exhibition and social events. The Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting is a great event for microscopy users, PhD students and experienced microscopists.

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In-situ and in-operando SPM

How SPMs can be used to investigate processes in action. This will cover electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, catalysis and life science applications, such as cellular processes.

Forces and mechanics of biological systems with AFM

Quantitative measurement with AFM in biology, focussing on single proteins.

Molecular systems

Analysing molecular systems, including high resolution imaging of single molecules and molecular assemblies, as well as studying molecular interaction.

Functional property measurement with SPM

Using SPM to study the functional properties of materials at the nanoscale, including electrical, optical and mechanical properties.

Technology and instrumentation development

Recent developments in SPM hardware, imaging and spectroscopic modes, probes and more.


Plenary Speakers

  • Leo Gross, IBM Zurich, Switzerland
    Atomic Force Microscopy for Molecular Structure Elucidation
  • Giovanni Dietler, EPFL, Switzerland

Invited Speakers

  • Marin Alexe, University of Warwick, UK
    Scanning Probe-Based Tools for Investigation of Photoelectric Effects in Ferroelectrics
  • Peter Beton, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Lorna Dougan, University of Leeds, UK
  • Laura Fumagalli, University of Manchester, UK
  • David Klenerman, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Christine Kranz, University of Ulm, Germany
    Soft High-Aspect-Ratio Atomic Force Microscopy Probes for Peak Force Tapping Imaging
  • Marco Lazzarino, IOM-CNR Trieste, Italy
  • Charles Smith, University of Cambridge, UK


This event has now passed. If you would like more information about our vibration isolation tables, please contact us on 01223 422 269 or


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Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or