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Bruker AFM Contact Resonance Module

New Bruker BioAFM Contact Resonance Module for Stiff Biological Samples

Bruker’s Contact Resonance module is for mechanical characterisation of stiff biological samples, polymers and metals with AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). Until now it was not possible to study the nanomechanical properties of samples such as teeth, bones, seeds, wood and medical implants with this level of accuracy.

Bruker Ringing Mode AFM

Bruker Ringing Mode for Surface Adhesion Property Mapping with AFM

Ringing Mode is a new Bruker AFM mode for enhanced surface adhesion property mapping.

Nanofluidics & AFM

Single Cell Experiments with the Cytosurge FluidFM and Bruker JPK BioAFM

The Cytosurge FluidFM is now available fully integrated into Bruker JPK BioAFMs. This enables single cell experiments, including adhesion measurement, injection, nano-printing and more.

Automated Cross-Sections with the Gatan PECS II

Automated Cross-Sections, Polishing and Delayering for SEM / Optical Microscopy

Prepare high quality samples for SEM, EDS, EBSD, cathodoluminescence, EBIC and more with the Gatan PECS II broad argon beam system.

NEW Bruker Dimension-XR Scanning Probe Microscopes

New series of SPM microscopes from Bruker – with models for nanomechanics, electrical AFM and nanoelectrochemistry.


High Resolution KPFM with Bruker PeakForce KPFM

How Bruker’s PeakForce KPFM mode overcomes the common limitations of KPFM (Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy – also known as surface potential microscopy).

MMC 2019

MMC 2019 – Microscience Microscopy Congress, Manchester, 1-4 July 2019

Visit us at MMC 2019 Microscience Microscopy Congress on 1-4 July 2019 at Manchester Central.

Bruker PeakForce TUNA AFM

Nanoscale Electrical and Mechanical Property Mapping with AFM

How to map current and conductivity at the nanoscale on fragile samples with AFM, without damaging them or contaminating the probe tip. Useful for lithium battery research, organic photovoltaics and carbon nanotubes.

Nordic SPM Conference 2018

Nordic SPM Conference & User Meeting 2018: 10-11 October 2018

Register now for our Nordic Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference & User Meeting on Thursday 11th October 2018 in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Nanomechanical Testing with In Situ SPM

In Situ SPM for Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Characterisation

Nanomechanical testing with in situ SPM imaging, using the same probe to ensure test positioning accuracy and correlated results.