Simple and Accessible SEM with ChemiSEM

A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is an invaluable piece of equipment in the science industry. It is a powerful, surface imaging magnification tool that uses focused electron beams to gather information from samples.

The Axia ChemiSEM is a Scanning Electron Microscope manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific. To a novice user, traditional SEMs can be difficult to use, thus limiting the accessibility for some. However, ChemiSEM was designed to combat these issues and can be considered an accessible, easy to use product.

With streamlined hardware and software, ChemiSEM offers a new, innovative way of obtaining, processing and presenting compositional information of a sample. It is a faster, quieter and more accurate way to receive imaging and chemical analysis of samples.

What Are The Applications of The Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM?

SEMs have a range of applications and within the science industry they are used for research, quality control and failure analysis. The focused beams of electrons are used to reproduce high resolution, 3D images that then provide information on composition, morphology and topography.

Other applications include

    Biomaterials Biocompatibility – SEM can be used to examine the surface properties of biomaterials that are going to be introduced into the body to determine whether they will be biocompatible for where they will be used. This could be in the form of dental structure restorations, bone implants, plastic surgery and more.
    Aerospace Materials Production – Materials in aerospace engineering must be high strength, oxidation resistant and able to withstand extremely high temperatures. SEM can be used to conduct a test of protective coatings, as the EDS system is able to show both microstructural and chemical data of the materials.
    Failure Analysis – In the aerospace and automotive industries, SEM can be utilised in failure analysis to detect any damage to materials, metals or coatings used. Upon using SEM, any cracks, corrosion or degradation will be highlighted. It can also be used as a preventative measure, to ensure materials being used are suitable.

What Are The Benefits of ChemiSEM?

The Axia ChemiSEM has been designed to be easier to use than more traditional SEMs and comes with a range of benefits from excellent imaging performance to real time analysis.

Other benefits include:

    Image-ready – ChemiSEM is always ready to image and is installed with automated features and guidance to assist you in focusing on what’s important.
    High-level imaging performance – Advanced beam scanning and a wide range of applications are available to enable high-quality imaging.
    Supporting software – Fully integrated software is available to support the smooth running of the system. This includes automation options and the ability to customise workflow.
    Large chamber – The large, flexible chamber supports samples of up to 10kg and has a fully opening door for samples of a non-standard size.
    Live quantitative elemental mapping – Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) that is always on allows users to view quantitative elemental information in real time.

If you are interested in the ChemiSEM product, Thermo Fisher’s brochure is available here, or feel free to contact a member of the Blue Scientific team for more information.