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Bruker AcuityXR Optical Microscope

Highest Resolution 3D Optical Microscope: Bruker Contour with AcuityXR

Achieve the highest lateral and vertical resolution with AcuityXR technology on Bruker’s Contour 3D optical microscopes. Break the optical diffraction limit, without compromising the other benefits of white light interferometry. For a limited time, we currently have a trade-in offer to help you benefit from the latest 3D optical microscope technology. Trade in your surface […]

Tribology and Metrology Workshop, Finland

Tribology Testing and Metrology Workshop with Bruker – NORDTRIB 2016, Finland

Register now for a Tribology Testing and Metrology Workshop on Thursday 16th June 2016 in Finland, at NORDTRIB 2016. See live demos of the Bruker UMT TriboLab and Contour Optical Microscope.