Highest Resolution 3D Optical Microscope: Bruker Contour with AcuityXR

Achieve the highest lateral and vertical resolution with AcuityXR technology on Bruker’s Contour 3D optical microscopes. Break the optical diffraction limit, without compromising the other benefits of white light interferometry.

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 Bruker Contour microscopes

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Bruker Contour 3D Optical Microscopes

Bruker Contour 3D optical microscopes give you:

  • Best combined lateral and vertical resolution
  • Largest field of view
  • Vertical range of sub-nanometer to greater than 10 mm

The large field of view and objective magnifications from 1X to 115X enables you to characterise surfaces with a wide variety of shapes and textures. You can also stitch individual datasets easily into a single contiguous image using the software.


Award-winning AcuityXR measurement technology delivers the highest lateral resolution available in an industrial 3D optical microscope and breaks the optical diffraction limit.

Blurring is reduced and you can quantify edge variations on narrow features, ideal for small structures. A megapixel camera can also be used to increase X-Y spatial resolution.

Bruker AcuityXR Example
Acuity XR enables you to separate and differentiate fine features

Break the Optical Diffraction Limit

AcuityXR delivers a lateral resolution not possible with conventional optical microscopy techniques.

  • Resolve features 130 nanometers in width – unprecedented in optical microscopy
  • Minimises optical effects for measuring narrow features accurately
  • Improves dimensional repeatability on nanoscale structures by a factor of 5X
  • Wider field-of-view and higher pixel density than equivalent magnifications from conventional techniques
  • Improved sharpness, clarity and definition of scratches, defects and texture
Bruker AcuityXR
Compare images with and without AcuityXR

No Compromise to Field of View

Together with enhanced Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI) and patented High-Definition Vertical Scanning Interferometry (HDVSI) measurement modes, this gives you the ability to resolve features just 130 nm wide – almost 3 times better than conventional techniques.

AcuityXR enhances lateral resolution without reducing the field-of-view in the way that standard techniques would at these extreme magnifications.

Reduced Noise

Noise is reduced by Bruker’s unique algorithms, together with an iterative technique with feedback from the metrology hardware. This mitigates the blurring that can be caused by diffraction on the final calculated surface height. This improves dimensional repeatability by 5 times on nanoscale structures, enabling you to distinguish extremely fine, detailed features.

High resolution 3D optical microscopy
AcuityXR reduces pixelation and reveals the true surface structure of your sample. Click to enlarge.
Bruker Contour-GT 3D optical microscope


AcuityXR is an optional feature available on select models of the Bruker Contour range of non-contact 3D optical surface profilers.

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Trade-in Offer

For a limited time, we currently have a trade-in offer to help you upgrade to the latest technology and benefit from features such as AcuityXR. Trade in your surface profiler from any manufacturer – contact us for full details.

More Information

You can find more details about AcuityXR in Bruker’s application note.

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AcuityXR improves feature definition – click to enlarge.