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Semiconductor wafer

Characterising CMP Pads with Nanoindentation

How to use dynamic nanoindentation characterise CMP pads. In this example, the Bruker Hysitron TS 77 Select was employed to quantitatively measure the viscoelastic properties of a hard pad.

This is a robust, reliable method for examining CMP pad surface quality and processes.

Silicon wafer polishing

New Bruker TriboLab CMP for Small-Scale Wafer Polishing Characterisation

The Bruker TriboLab CMP is a new system for small-scale Chemical Mechanical Wafer Polishing in R&D. It reproduces full-scale wafer polishing process conditions with unique characterisation features. This is a new, updated system replacing the previous CP-4. Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Bruker Nano surface analysis instruments. For more information please get in […]