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Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2
Bruker AXS

The Bruker S8 TIGER is a high-end WDXRF (Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) spectrometer for elemental analysis in industries including oil, lubricants, refinery, cement and mining. Advanced quantitative elemental analysis for materials research in R&D labs and industrial quality control.

Analyse all elements from Be to Americium in a wide variety of sample types. Standardless analysis packages are available for fast analysis of completely unknown samples.


Specific elements or unknowns

Measure specific elements and/or identify unknowns

Qualitative and quantitative results

Highest resolution available

Standalone instrument

Controlled by touchscreen


Protected against contamination


Superior Performance

  • Highest WDXRF resolution available.
  • High precision, with HighSense technology for exceptional linear dynamic range.
  • XRF2 small spot mapping for detailed maps of elemental distribution in materials.
  • Instrument components are protected from powders and liquids.


The S8 TIGER series 2 is controlled using a multi-lingual touchscreen, and is uniquely easy to use for a high-end XRF system. This minimises training for occasional and inexperienced operators. Samples are recognised automatically, with quick-start buttons for routine operations.

HighSense Technology

HighSense technology provides greater accuracy and precision, for all elements from Be to Americium. The S8 TIGER Series 2 delivers maximum intensity for the fastest time-to-result, lowest detection limits and greatest analytical precision.

  • New, enhanced analyser crystals
  • HighSense counting electronics
  • Close coupling beam path
  • HighSense X-ray tubes

XRF2 Small Spot Mapping

Acquire detailed maps of elemental distribution in materials, for element mapping and particle analysis. Map majors, minors and traces with up to 10 times higher sensitivity.

  • Down to 300 μm spot size
  • 100 μm step size for HD mapping
  • Light element analysis with a dedicated proportional counter
  • Heavy element detection (optional) with a scintillation counter

Both Standard-Based and Standardless Analysis

Unlike alternative systems, with the S8 TIGER you can perform both types of analysis:

  • Calibrate with your standards for routine work. Detect specific elements and concentrations.
  • Analyse entirely unknown samples, with both qualitative and quantitative results.

With Bruker’s QUANT-EXPRESS package, you can perform both standardless evaluation and standard-based calibrations. Customise your own calibrations, while still maintaining flexibility and versatility. Analysis of unknown samples is simple and straightforward, and takes less than two minutes.

QUANT-EXPRESS also assists with routine tasks; when setting up your own calibrations, it automatically selects the optimal measurement method for each element and concentration range – quickly, simply and reliably.


If you need more elements than your calibration offers, use QUANT-EXPRESS. Example: Red = calibrated elements. Green = Add extra elements. Blue = Elements that can be analysed with WDXRF.


Acquire high quality results without extensive training or specialist skills. Using the intuitive touchscreen, anyone can perform simple, routine measurement jobs with the S8 TIGER.

Simple Workflow

  1. Select your application and key in a sample ID. You can also add additional information, such as preparation or sample weight.
  2. Start the measurement
  3. Results are displayed on the monitor.

If you need to, it can be simplified even further: Places a sample in the loader and taps the touchscreen once to start a predefined, automatic application.

Routine analysis is separated from advanced tasks like calibration, evaluation, and extended reporting, for the best data integrity.

Standalone Instrument

The touchscreen and PC are completely integrated, and the S8 TIGER series 2 is a standalone instrument. It can even be used in tough industrial environments, 24 hours a day.


The Bruker S8 TIGER series 2 XRF is robust and reliable, with SampleCare features to protect vital system components from contamination, both during loading and measurements. This prevents errors and incorrect results, as well as maximising up-time, and is especially important when analysing powders and petrochemicals.

The head of the X-ray tube is protected by a DuraBeryllium shield. The goniometer chamber is protected by a mask changer and vacuum seal.

In the event that a sample breaks or leaks out, system components are well protected and accessible, so they can be cleaned easily.

Customer Testimonial

UPM Biorefining produce renewable wood-based diesel and naphtha at a biorefinery in Lappeenranta, Southeast Finland. Senior researcher Dr. Andrea Gutierrez uses a Bruker S8 TIGER in their Biofuels Development division:

What is your application?

Our application includes the characterisation of oil and aqueous phases from different processes at different scales.

Why did you choose BlueScientific?

Several years of good collaboration with BlueScientific played an important role in the selection.

The interaction during the sales process was very professional and extremely efficient. The experts provided scientific data that helped and supported the selection of the right instrument for our application.

The instrument was delivered in timely manner and the installation performed by BlueScientific’s experienced personnel was very smooth. Even though organised online, the training was carefully planned and all the questions from our technicians and researchers were answered.

So far we needed to contact the technical service a couple of times but their immediate response allowed us to keep the instrument running and getting reliable data to monitor our processes.


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