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Micro Computed Tomography: Bruker SkyScan 2214
Bruker Micro-CT

The SkyScan 2214 is a multi-scale X-ray nanotomograph covering the widest range of object sizes and spatial resolutions in a single instrument, opening up a whole new range of possibilities.

InstaRecon, one of the world’s fastest CT reconstruction solutions, accelerates 3D imaging up to 100 times compared to traditional algorithms.


Widest range of sizes and resolutions

Scan objects up to 300mm x 400mm.

World's fastest image reconstruction

10-100 times faster than conventional algorithms and GPU-accelerated reconstruction.

Flexible system

With field-upgradeable detectors.

Sub-micron resolution


Technical Details

  • “Open type” (pumped) X-ray source with <0.5 microns spot size and diamond window
  • Up to four X-ray detectors:
    • Flat-panel for large objects
    • 11Mp cooled CCD with wide field of view
    • 11Mp cooled CCD with medium field of view
    • 8Mp cooled CCD for highest spatial resolution
  • Best data quality in a short scanning time:
    • Automatic variable acquisition geometry
    • Phase-contrast enhancement
  • Helical scanning for fewer artefacts and exact reconstruction – more info…


The SkyScan 2214 comes with Bruker’s full micro-CT software suite, including modules for:

  • Fast volumetric reconstruction
  • 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis
  • Realistic 3D visualisation
  • Volume rendering
  • Create movies with virtual flights around and inside your object

Reconstructions can be sent to iPads, iPhones or Android devices, where you can make virtual cuts on your touchscreen.


Nano-CT image of shale

Volume rendered 3D model of shale with colour-coded local thickness of the pores. 6.2 μm voxel size.

Geology, Oil and Gas

  • Study conventional and unconventional reservoirs in full core size or as volumes of interest
  • Measure pore size and permeability, grain size and shape
  • Calculate distribution of mineral phases in 3D
  • Analyse dynamic processes

Nano-CT Battery Image

Virtual cut through a lithium-ion battery. Scanned at 900 nm voxel size.

Energy Storage and Battery Research

  • Non-destructive imaging of batteries and fuel cells in 3D
  • Quantify defects
  • Anode and cathode structural analysis
  • Monitor structural changes over time with dynamic experiments

Nano-CT Scan of Polymer Composite Materials

Volume rendered 3D model of CFRP (Carbon-Fiber Reinforces Polymer) with colour-coded local fibre orientation. 600 nm voxel size.

Polymers and Composite Materials

  • Study fine structures with <500 nm 3D resolution
  • Examine micro-structural architecture and porosity
  • Quantify defects, local fibre orientation and thickness




We offer a range of instruments for elemental and mineral analysis, mapping and imaging in geology and geoscience.

Materials Science


View our range of solutions for battery and fuel cell research, green energy, semiconductors and solar cells.

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