Gatan Stela Hybrid-Pixel Camera for 4D STEM

The Gatan Stela is a hybrid-pixel camera for 4D STEM. It’s a complete system integrated with Gatan Microscopy Suite, making it easy to bring advanced 4D STEM techniques to your electron microscopy lab.

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Gatan Stela TEM Camera

The new Gatan Stela is the only fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector for TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopes) with STEMx for advanced 4D STEM diffraction.


Hybrid-Pixel Camera

The new camera incorporates technology from DECTRIS, an industry leader in hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors. The hybrid-pixel electron detector is fully integrated with the Gatan Microscopy Suite platform.

Hybrid-pixel electron detectors by DECTRIS bring countless opportunities for materials science TEM and STEM applications, such as 4D STEM, from increased instrument throughput to reduced total cumulative electron dose. The synergy between Gatan and DECTRIS will bring our technology to the thriving electron microscopy market.
Dr. Christian Broennimann - Chief Executive Officer, DECTRIS

Bringing 4D STEM to the Mainstream

The new system offers a complete workflow for advanced 4D STEM (four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy) diffraction. Gatan aims to bring the technique into the mainstream, making it easier than ever to incorporate the technique in your electron microscopy lab.

I am very pleased by this agreement with DECTRIS, as their hybrid-pixel electron detectors truly complements our current portfolio and unified workflows within Gatan Microscopy Suite. With this new camera, we are now able to offer our researchers complete, efficient workflows to perform advanced, high speed and high quality 4D STEM diffraction studies.
Narayan Vishwanathan - Vice President & Business Unit Manager, Gatan


In materials design and discovery, STEM is commonly used to focus an electron probe (from a few nanometers to sub-atomic dimensions) onto a specimen to collect various signals, as the electrons interact with and scatter from the sample.

With 4D STEM diffraction, the probe is rastered on the specimen in a 2D array. At each probe position, a 2D diffraction pattern is imaged on a pixelated detector. This generates a 4D data cube that can then be examined further.

What is 4D STEM?

The collaboration between Gatan and DECTRIS brings you the advanced technology necessary to successfully collect the diffraction patterns for 4D STEM:

  • Robust, easy-to-use software for data acquisition and analysis
  • High quality data
  • A detector with fast acquisition speeds
4D STEM Phase Contrast Map
Atomic resolution DPC (Differential Phase Contrast) maps of pyrochlore oxide calculated from a 4D STEM dataset. Acquired using Gatan’s GIF Continuum™ K3 equipped with STEMx and the in-situ option. The dataset includes approx. 12,100 diffraction patterns, collected in <20 seconds in electron counting mode. Courtesy of J. Ciston, H. Brown, S. Hsu, LBNL.

Imaging at Low kV

The Stela camera extends Gatan’s 4D STEM portfolio to include advanced materials at low kV. It’s optimised for imaging materials that require diffraction studies at <80 kV.

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