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Thermo Fisher Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The fastest SEM in their class, the entry-level Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) from Thermo Scientific has the best-in-class resolution and speed. It is purposely designed to make SEM accessible for applications in additive manufacturing, materials science, failure analysis and more.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Products

Desktop SEM

Phenom XL

The largest sample chamber in a desktop SEM

The Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 has the largest chamber in a desktop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), for samples up to 100mm x 100mm. It has automated features that are useful for quality and process control.

Phenom Pharos

The world’s only desktop FE-SEM

The Phenom Pharos is a desktop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with a Field Emission (FEG) source for crisp, high-brightness images. It’s much easier to use and install than a typical FEG-SEM, making the benefits of an FEG source accessible to everyone.

Phenom Pro/ProX

Sixth generation desktop SEM with high resolution imaging and EDS

The Phenom ProX can relieve the burden of routine analysis from floor-model SEM instruments. It’s fast and easy to use, with quick instrument configuration and simple sample loading mechanism for a quick turnaround time.

Phenom Pure

Entry-level desktop SEM with easy to use features

The Phenom Pure is an economical, entry-level desktop SEM which is ideal for the transition from light optical to electron microscopy. Offering excellent value, it delivers best-in-class imaging results from a user-friendly system.

SEMs For Specific Applications

Phenom ParticleX TC

A versatile desktop SEM for technical cleanliness at the microscale

The Phenom ParticleX TC allows you to perform high-quality in-house characterisation, verification and classification of materials. It’s simple to operate and fast to learn, opening up particle and material analysis to a wider group of users.

Phenom ParticleX Steel

A multi-purpose desktop SEM for use in steel manufacturing

With high quality imaging and elemental analysis, the Phenom ParticleX delivers the data required for efficient production of high-value steel, and to respond quickly to any faults or failures.

Phenom ParticleX AM

A multi-purpose desktop SEM for use in additive manufacturing

The Phenom ParticleX AM is a desktop SEM for additive manufacturing analysis, for large samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm. It also monitors critical characteristics of metal powders  and can be applied to powder-bed and powder-fed additive manufacturing processes.

Phenom Perception GSR

The only dedicated SEM for gunshot residue analysis in forensics

Using established gunshot residue analysis techniques, the Phenom Perception GSR is used to scan the sample and automatically locate particles, which are then identified with EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy).

Floor Standing SEM

Axia ChemiSEM

Easy to use SEM with integrated, always-on EDS

The Axia ChemiSEM is designed to make SEM more accessible and easier to use, with convenient automated features and live EDS elemental mapping. Unlike traditional SEMs, it collects EDS data continuously in the background.

About Thermo Fisher SEM

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in serving science, with annual revenue exceeding $30 billion. Their mission is to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. They have a global team of more than 80,000 colleagues delivering an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies.

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