AFM-IR Video: Anasys nanoIR2

AFM-IR Video

AFM-IR is a pioneering nanoscale surface analysis technique that combines AFM (atomic force microscopy) with infrared (IR) spectroscopy. Watch the AFM-IR video from Anasys for an easy-to-understand, visual explanation of what AFM-IR is and how the technique captures spectra alongside AFM-IR images.

Bruker Analysis NanoIR3

nanoIR2™ AFM-IR System

The Anasys nanoIR2 is a nanoscale IR spectroscopy platform. The system features top-side illumination, which greatly expands the range of samples that can be studied. The nanoscale spatial resolution of AFM with infrared spectroscopy’s ability to characterise and identify chemical species. It is an easy to use and powerful multifunctional platform with a full-featured AFM, alongside nanoscale thermal and mechanical analysis.

About Anasys Instruments

Bruker Anasys designs and manufactures atomic force microscopes, thermal scanning microcopy systems and nanoscale IR instruments, as well as thermal analysis and surface finish-roughness nano metrology measurement. They manufacture AFM heat tips and probes.

Bruker Anasys instruments

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