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Bruker AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes)

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland

Bruker AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes) – Nordic Region

Bruker AFM microscopes with the very latest atomic force microscopy modes and technology. Exclusive Nordic distributor (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland).


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Materials Science

AFM for materials science

Small and large samples

Small samples only

NanoSpectroscopy and NanoChemical

AFM for nanochemical and nanospectroscopy applications

Life Science and Biological Imaging

Biological AFM imaging

  • BioScope Resolve
    World’s most advanced BioAFM for biomechanics and imaging
  • FastScan Bio
    Biological AFM imaging
  • Multimode 8-HR
    Highest resolution every time
  • Innova
    Economical AFM

Data Storage, Failure Analysis and Industrial


AFM Probes

Bruker AFM Probes

Probes for all AFM modes and applications.

 Bruker AFM probes website

Super sharp probes

Guide to AFM

AFM for Materials

Download a free 30 page guide to AFM for materials from Wiley & Bruker, with case studies (registration required).

Free Guide: AFM for Materials

Bruker AFM Materials Journal Club

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About Bruker

Bruker benchtop NMRBruker develops and manufactures industry-leading AFM microscopes with the highest levels of performance, flexibility and productivity, incorporating the very latest atomic force microscopy technology. Innovations include proprietary Peak Force Tapping® technologies: PeakForce QNM, PeakForce Capture, PeakForce TUNA, PeakForce KPFM, ScanAsyst and PeakForce IR. 

Applications range from materials science to biology, semiconductors, data storage devices, polymers and optics with measurement of nanoscale topography, nano-mechanical, nano-electrical and nanoscale chemical mapping. Bruker is the only major atomic force microscope manufacturer with their own state-of-the-art probe nanofabrication facility.

Blue Scientific is the exclusive distributor of Bruker AFM in the Nordic area (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway).

Why Choose Bruker?

  • Worldwide leader in analytical instrumentation

  • Over 50 years experience in R&D

  • Exclusive AFM technology, including PeakForce Tapping

  • Industry-leading AFM

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